A really important moment in Tsitsipas’ career. Shook off a lot of demons with that win, and played really well too! Nadal’s level only dipped a little, and there were some great rallies.

That said, I can’t see past a Djokovic-Medvedev final. The way Rublev’s game was made to look so toothless was something, and Medvedev’s getting on that sort of roll where you forget how to lose.

Re. the women’s tournament, anything can happen (see Barty’s inexplicable collapse today) but I do feel like the Osaka-Williams match is the unofficial final. My money’s on Osaka but I think, if Serena’s going to win, she’ll have to do it in straight sets. Naomi’s such a canny matchplayer right now

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yeah, last 10 years of mens tennis have conditioned me to think that someone who plays like tsitsipas will end up being brutally ground to dust by someone who plays like medvedev

might’ve expected too much from barty given how little she’s played this last year but yeah that was a weird collapse. hope muchova beats brady now, has a really fun game and would be good to see the tradition of czech female slam finalists being continued. osaka’s my gal but now i really wanna see serena getting her swansong slam win, would be amazing. wanna set an alarm to watch it but not sure my body can handle it

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Osaka on HC is just unbelievably good and dominant. those backhand winners in the last 2 games

good bants this

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the way Medvedev moves around court massively reminds me of Waluigi

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Such a good final so far, I haven’t seen much of Brady but big hitting

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Yes Naomi! Winning a slam with such a low first serve % throughout is a big statement. Good final other than that though, Brady showed up and was unlucky at times

I really hope that Osaka mis-heard her here, and isn’t being incredibly rude

Unfortunately not the best women’s final (compared to, say when Osaka played Brady at the US Open semi last year). Naomi only started playing her best in the second set, and Brady only found her best game at a set and 4-0 down, which was too late. That said, I agree with shrewbie above that Osaka winning matches without even serving that well is ominous. WTA is in great shape overall.

Wonderful first set from Djokovic-Medvedev today, I don’t get folks that think their games are dull. A great mix of dominant serve-led points and extensive rallies with angles and depth. Medvedev actually looked slightly better in the long rallies, but Djokovic’s crazy return level and better composure at the net just saw him through the set. Will be glued to the rest of the match (apart from making this post!) - as I type, Medvedev just broke, so he’s not going away any time soon…

Famous last words? :grimacing:

Yeah I was gonna say, med is just throwing it away

Djokovic’s sliding backhand where he’s almost doing the splits is one of the most impressive things I’ve seen in sport. his forehand technique is quite ugly though imo, which was always gonna make his game a hard sell compared to Federer and Nadal

mainly just bored of his dominance at this point

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Laughed out loud when she did that. Like to think she was doing a hilarious bit but I think she either misheard or just nervously said the wrong thing

Ooft. Unfocused at the end by Medvedev, and Djokovic’s best match in at least two years

“Dull” would be the wrong word, because it’s actually pretty hilarious, but both players are absolutely shocking anywhere near the net. Sure a game of angles can be good to look at, but I like to see players who can use the whole court. It’s tennis, not table tennis.