How much would I need to spend on a shit two person tent just for one night in the garden?

Maybe a link as well please?

Donations unnecessary.

Argos do good shit tents

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Decathlon always have good deals for shit tents e.g.


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So… this would be fine?



Buying a tent for one night in the garden is an absolutely ridiculous thing to do.

It’s for the only school event this year, a virtual camping thing. Thought it might be a nice thing to do…?

I mean it might be used again or I would pass it on to someone.


I’ll have it


Get a nice one that’s not gonna end up in landfill then :+1:t2:

As if you’re not buying anything that won’t end up in a landfill :laughing:


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In the morning set it on fire and cook your breakfast over it. No way your kid’s not going to like that, and you don’t have to bin it, so really nature is the big winner here.

Burning stuff is good for new growth

One night! One night! Oooooh. One night in garden.


I meant without it being used again

He might use it again.

Or I seem to remember saying that I would pass it on. Can’t be sure though.

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I think @safebruv might know what you’re going to do with the tent more than you know what you’re going to do with the tent so you should shut up you environment hating knob

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If you buy a £20 you’ll break something taking it down then chuck it away. Mark my words

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His back garden looks like the Monday after Glastonbury. I’ve seen it on google earth

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who cares if there is no planet for his children in the future, he’s given them happiness NOW and thats the main thing