Terms of endearment what you use

I’m always calling people chicken or sausage for some reason



Also we can talk about which ones are problematic if you’d like.

For some reason we both like to call each other something which sounds like “i-nuh” with a rising inflection.

Don’t know where or how it started, but it just sounds cute.


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Big fan of “fish” at the minute

Also use hen and ‘me duck’ quite a lot

Fellow human

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Call my cats chicken a lot

I like terms of endearment, don’t use them much (except for animals when they overflow, will tell a cat I’ve just met I love u) but like to hear them. Actually I use somali ones for my mum. Basically my mother and any cat


‘Pal’ and ‘friend’ mostly

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All dog cat bunny horse etc is “buddy”

dont think I have ever used a term of endearment

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Call the kids “Pootle”.

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“Thane Of Gondor” is always a good one

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Different terms of endearment for different people.

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Cutie, queen, prince, king, mate, babe (only to one friend, we call each other babe or bebbeh based on an in joke from 12 years ago)

My terms of endearment for my last 2 bfs were Bellface and Bundy

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Babe, mate, fella, chief, qween, love, dude, man, woman , woman man (has to be done in a Geordie accent), dickhead

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I call my tortoise “sausage face”.

She doesn’t seem to mind.


I used to call my youngest “Bob” which she was always perfectly happy about (can’t remember how it started, maybe it was a blackadder thing?)

Anyway one day I was picking her up from her classroom after Year 5 sportsday and I called “BOB!” across the class to get her attention and her whole class laughed at her and I never heard the end of it and I am now forever banned from calling her Bob.