Terms you remember from school biology but don't really know what they are


Endoplasmic reticulum
Okazaki fragments


This might be a fun distraction for a few hours, as biology is very much my life:

Endoplasmic Reticulum - folded membrane external to the nucleus where mature RNA is read by ribosomes and protein is assembled. Also the site of lipid synthesis

Okazaki fragments - when DNA is replicated, the forward strand is synthesised as one continuous molecule, where as the reverse strand is synthesised in many thousands of smaller molecules. These are termed Okazaki fragments and must be stuck together by DNA ligase to complete replication of the reverse strand.


You could say that biology is very much all our lives :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:



Did anyone else do a vague “double science” GCSE award rather than discrete biology/chemistry/physics?

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Rejected skepta first draft

This doesn’t quite work does it

I couldn’t give you any skepta lyrics / song titles so I’m not best to comment

Waxy cuticle

Yes but I still had specific b/c/p coursework. I confess I cheated on the physics by letting a mate who got 10 A*s and went to Cambridge write 90% of it

Lipid - single molecule of fat
Ligase - enzyme that joins together two other molecules
Ribosomes - cellular organelle that translates RNA and assembles proteins

Plants don’t exist. Or animals that aren’t human, come to think of it.

Was there something called ‘active transport’ or have I made that up?

Are you the band Squid?

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Active transport - when molecules are moved across a cell membrane using energy from the breakdown of ATP molecules (the body’s 'energy currency). As contrasted to passive diffusion, where stuff diffuses across a membrane or through a pore via a concentration gradient. important in almost every cell in the body, but of particular relevance to the kidney’s excretory functions and maintaining an active state in muscle / nerve tissues


Plants don’t exist.

Although as I remember they are microscopic tubes that water / other stuff diffuses through in plants.

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Is there actually part of the body called the meatus, or is this something I thought was funny so long ago that I’ve made it into a fact?

Loads of 'em. Unfortunately it’s pronounced me-ate-us, rather than the more intrinsically hilarious meat-us.

A meatus is an opening between the inside and outside of a space in the body - for example the external auditory meatus is your ear-hole and your urethral meatus is… well you get the idea…

Well that’s not as funny anymore, but now I’m better informed - worthwhile trade