Terrible and Good Festival Lineups Thread 2021


Yorkshire are at it again.

Saturday is good.

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At least for death metal fans up early

I’d have a really nice day on the Saturday I reckon


Buzzcocks, Lightning Seeds and Feeder are 3 great singles bands.
Each of them playing a hits set one after the other?


I’d rather fo to that than Desertfest (assuming Desertfest isn’t a bad joke)

Dessertfest, on the other hand, I’d queue for a week to get in.


That Sunday is cursed

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The All New Borrell Show tho :smiley:

there was one in London in 2017? I just chose not to go because I was attending alone :weary:

edit - missed your joke

This looks alright:


Think it’s a sign of how big bicep is now that bicep isn’t playing this. Think they’ve done about 30 detonate events

This looks alright too…


I’m pretty angry I got talked into this.

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There’s some good stuff in there tbf.
But also some proper shit.

The Orb, Gary Newman, Hawkwind, New Model Army, Levellers and Van Der Graaf Generator! amazing…

Doesn’t feel so long ago that PABH played the main stage at Reading. What happened.

That does look good!

It’s a good festival though, and I always have a great time there. Wife is not keen this year because of the whole crowds thing, but I’d still like to go.

Admittedly, it’s not the best lineup I’ve ever seen, but there is some gold - New Model Army are my favourite band (although I have seen them almost a hundred times, so it’s not the end of the world if I miss them), you’ll be surprised at how good James are as a festival headliner, and I’d love to see Hawkwind. Lot of good dubby stuff in the dance tent as well. Also, it’s probably not happening is it, so don’t worry about it.

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