Terrible and Good Festival Lineups Thread 2021

Given everything, that sounds like a decent 1/2 day festival, but I’m not sure how you’d stretch it out for a 4 day job.

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The Bad, the Good and the Northampton

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Seeing as it’s £70 to see Bauhaus in London, I’d be all over that. I still find it funny that The Smiths are considered a goth band in the States :smiley:

Great line up and you can be home by 9pm

Seeing as Morrissey will probably cancel that’s a cracking lineup

Some yank jargon at play here. It says “starting at $29.99 down” which means a $29.99 payment towards a $160 general ticket.



Never trust a goth.

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for the first time ever I know pretty much nothing from a Visions line up

has their budget been demolished or am I completely out of touch?

(I know Gaika)

Definitely much weaker than last few years. Caroline seem a great band, love their singles. Yard Act are shite though.

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Billy Nomates is great. One of my favourite albums of last year :+1:

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We’re not getting a new Kendrick album this year are we😭

Nope. If the rumours that he scrapped an entire album and started again last year are true, then we might not get it for a long time.

Never saw that rumour. So that video he did last September will be gone as well probably. Avin said that Frank Ocean apparently sat on Nikes for 2 years so who knows.

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Not like for like festivals but Primavera have comprehensively battered them haven’t they

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I would be very happy to attend this. Enough good artists on each day to keep me very happily occupied throughout.

But more relevantly, since small children mean I’m unlikely to be going to Madrid for a festival next year, it’s very interesting to already be able to see, in some cases, which bands will be doing the '22 European festival circuit including, presumably, England.

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What is Seasick Steve doing that high on a festival lineup in the year of our lord 2022.

Finally got his land legs