Terrible and Good Festival Lineups Thread 2021

looks very standard Truck.

Every year I’m reminded the Pigeon Detectives still exist and every year I’m surprised.


Don’t mind the music Hall. Worse venue in Leeds is clearly the University refectory. Historic venue or not.

The Kooks headlining above IDLES seems a bit odd.


Don’t be so naive



Will probably go to this if it happens

Looks really good, I’ve caved and bought a ticket. There’s a separate thread for it somewhere

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I don’t want to buy a ticket yet as I live in Sweden and still not totally convinced things like this are actually going to go ahead - but worried it will sell out fairly quickly…

Thought !!! were a special guest for a split second…

Totally understand your hesitation, I’m not convinced either. I’m uk based so if it gets postponed until next year no real drama. Other festivals have been selling out super quick and I’m not entirely sure why this one hasn’t yet

Bearded Theory, already delayed from May till September, have said they’re not going ahead until next year. Thought this part of the email was interesting

Ordinarily we would have to issue large sums in deposits to key suppliers and artists in June but with no guaranteed certainty of the event being able to operate. Our aims at the start of the pandemic was to be transparent with you, to ensure your ticket money is secure and to ensure our long-term survival. In addition, our local authorities Safety Advisory Group have confirmed they have not been given any guidance or advice about holding large-scale events this year and with that our decision was made. We only want to resurface when it is safe to do so and when we can host an event without social distancing, and we believe we can do that in May 2022. We wish all the other festivals who have made brave decisions to go-ahead, the best of luck.

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I’ve never got the fuss about DMA’S

Saw a band there once but they were a huge DiS meme so don’t want to risk too much mirth.

Did you see them on…September 31st?

Well to clarify a bit, they didn’t have any feline or primate related names