Terrible and Good Festival Lineups Thread

Rock n Wrestling

I’d be bang up for this if it wasn’t 5000 miles away


that’s a very bizarre lineup

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Billy is a very bizarre man


Peter Hook’s Pension Top-Up following Deafheaven is…notable.

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Enjoy Tyrus as Corganfest


Got to say, I finally saw said top-up at a festival last year and was surprised at how good it was. A band doing Joy Division and New Order songs really well, with the actual High Bass Bloke… it was great. I’ve seen things like that which are bad karaoke but this wasn’t.


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Yeah seen Hooky 3 times now, all great nights


Anyone been to the Reeperbahn Festival? Seen a few great sets posted on their YouTube channel, and the programme for 2023 looks packed with cool stuff.


We’ve just been asked to play this too


Cool. Good lineup I reckon.


Guessing you’ll be on the Convoy Cabaret stage? That’s a great space, see you there!

I’ll be going for something like the thirteenth time, but with a slight sense of trepidation as it used to be a volunteer run event with a nice counter cultural vibe, but has now been taken over by DHP. I mean, they’re a long way from the likes of Live Nation, but I’m worried it will slant a bit more corporate than before. Guess we’ll see. Think that first line up release is decent, no stunners but plenty I’m interested in.

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Yep that’s the one! I saw a video of the CC tent from a previous year, looks amazing :smiley:

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Think I spent more time there than any other stage last year… Pizzatramp, Blyth Power, T-Bitch, The Blunders (doing ACAB The Musical), all great

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Nice lineup. Wouldn’t travel far from it but it’s local so I might go

Is this the first year dhp has run it? I didn’t know they were involved before

Aye, I’ll not be going to England for it but if that lineup was on over here I’d be all over it.

Think they put some money in last year because it was at risk of going under thanks to missing two years due to Covid, etc, but afaik this is the first year it’s a fully dhp event. Definitely the first year DHP have booked it themselves, as most of last year was fulfilling bookings meant for 2020

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