Terrible (and good) Magners

Good: Magners Original

Terrible: Dark Fruits

I dunno. I don’t drink cider really. :man_shrugging:

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Terrible : All

Good : None


the best ciders are the ones that don’t taste of cider

The whole magners/bulmers naming decable still baffles me

used to like that savanna dry that was always £1 a bottle at morrisons
2.6 on ratemybeer so it must be good

Made in my hometown. My mother used to pick apples for them in her teens. Occasionally get a few slabs free from my parents’ neighbours. What do you need to know about it?

Bonus answer: Bulmers Pear was a strong laxative when it was first launched and during a test tasting in Clonmel, most of the attendees left early due to strong doses of the shits. My friend Fintan was badly affected and never drank cider again.


Fintan & The Cider Shits
Dublin Castle
NUS £5


This thread is terrible like magners/bulmers



< sound of cider shits >

Oh Jesus Christ Finton!! :nauseated_face:


I remember when this first came over to England and I ordered it in a pub, thought it was the fanciest drink going!

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it came in a bottle!

Fintan Shat?

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With the massive glass for cider and ice


Dark Fruits reminds me of my old local that closed down

Are they actually the same thing or do they just taste the same?

Magners is Bulmers in ROI; Bulmers is a completely different cider (or something)

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Right! :confused:

you know what, I don’t think I’ve had a cider in maybe 5 years. I might have a cider soon.

Pours one out for MPBH

(One ‘Dark Fruits’ cider, obviously.)

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Me neither. Last time was at some cider festival in Somerset about 10 years ago. Did a wee afterwards that smelled like tires. Kind of put me off it.