Terrible Dragons Den ideas you've had


Ever thought you’d nailed an idea for a new business/invention only for someone to point out an obvious major flaw and slay it? Tell us!

My stock exchange style restaurant, where if you all order the same food you get it mad cheap (like if 10 if you have a bolognaise it’s £3 each), but if you are the only person ordering salmon it’s £30 mate, is a winner right?!


A 96p shop


Go on…


95p shop



At least this will guarantee 96 replies as it unfolds


Our student union used to do that on occasion in their bar. The TVs would show prices with red and green for declining or rising ‘stock.’ I assume that most unions do it too.

It was quite fun.



But would you collectively pre-plan to eat the same meal as nine of your mates to get it dirt cheap? I would.


a service where you add your grocery list to it and it orders them all from each shop, collates them into one order, and delivers them


Alright George Orwell


I’m going to pitch a £1.05 shop and tap into the market of bargain shoppers who want to feel like they’re luxury shoppers.

I might specialise in paper supplies and call the shop Paper New Guinea.


I like this pun.


Me too.


Excellent. I literally just need £25k from you and we’re good to go


It was the result a good ten minutes trying to think of a Guinea pun.


Fuck it - ‘A Penny Shop’


Not sure a shop that just sells pennies would really take off but thank you for contributing


I wonder how Hamfatter are getting on


I like the controversial name - you’ll get loads of press with that.