Terrible festivals - 2018 edition




Melanie C, Starsailor and an Oasis tribute band in the year 2018


As Kmart commented yesterday - is it in a marquee in the middle of Knebworth or something?


These festivals always have the Bluetones


heather small at Cool Britannia :smiley:


(Side note, would probably have a ball if I just didn’t leave the Club Classics stage)


Geoff Ellis with his finger firmly on the musical pulse as ever.


Came here to post this. Fucking atrocious line-up. Giving the idiots what they want.


‘Britpop Classical’. How far will these orchestral renditions go.


“Britpop Classical will feature a full orchestra together with rock band and guest soloists including The Farm’s Peter Hooton, Republica singer Saffron and Heaven 17’s Glenn Gregory, with others to be announced”

Hold me.


I was going to say, there’s some gold on the undercard.


Additional shit at Trnsmt:


Don’t see the problem with this day at all to be honest. Wouldn’t pay to see The Killers but I’m sure they put on a good show and have hits, Franz Ferdinand and Friendly Fires both good live too.


Feeder will do any old shit nowadays won’t they?


TBF, if these lot plan for the possibility of shit weather then people will have a better time than at a lot of the festivals last year


N-Trance is by far the best thing on that lineup.


Interpol whyyyy


Delete everyone from the top row except the Mondays and that’s a festival that would warm the cockles of my heart!

Britpop Classical though. We deserve a lifetime of losing on penalties to Germany for that


The Killers’ last two singles were terrific and apart from the piss weak Human era they’re always a band I’ve had a lot of time for. Maybe I just admire their zany ambition.

Don’t @ me.


Their manager probably told them “it’s a festival that Radiohead headlined last year, it sounds pretty legit, right?”