Terrible festivals - 2018 edition


This is where it’s at.


Don’t even joke!


Would be alright with Kate Bush and the Vaccines.






I bet The Corals, at the height of their fame in the early 00’s, never imagined that in years to come they’d be sharing festival bills with Rick Ashley.


£3.50 on the door or £3.00 concessions

…Owen Jones would rather DIE than compromise!


Carfest is some sort of Radio 2-affiliated event so it’s sort of acceptable. I dunno, the more Iook at these sorts of terrible festivals the more I don’t begrudge the bands picking up a few grand every weekend for a month or two at regional festivals like this. It must be a pretty nice way to spend a summer.


Call me Dave read that as Ham and got excited.


Haim are all Jewish, so probably not much ham involved


I kind’ve want to ask why Suggs’ merry troupe of cockney ska-pop troubadours are performing at an Oasis/Stone Roses tribute night.


Not a terrible festival lineup, but thought this was the appropriate thread to mention that The Wombats have once again got a high fucking billing on an Australian music festival!! I have no idea what the fuck is the obsession with festivals here with having at least the Wombats or the Kooks on the lineup


This was my biggest musical mystery I faced in Oz. People with a lot of overlap of musical taste pretending that the Wombats were anything but an embarrassement. I remember the first time someone mentioned them and me asking whether that was an Australian band as there was a shit band in the UK with that name too. Then they explained. Oh.


It is a constant mystery for me - and it has been going on for years here in Australian festival lineups

I am assuming they have signed some sort of agency/management thing in Australia. The same people who put on Splendour look after the Falls festivals around New Years, and the Wombats and the Kooks tag team those festivals


They seem to have carved out an actual career in America too - they were number one in the alternative charts or something when I was in Houston last week. In 2018.

TV’s sister was confused when I went apeshit at the radio


Iceland is pretty proudly strange tbf


I got the “vs” there denotes a fight to the death



No thanks.


Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Razorlight and Scouting for Girls seem to be the go-to acts on the faux-festival circuit. You can catch the lot at baldie chef Tom Kerridge’s rolling Pub in the Park festival. It’s sort of like Lollapalooza, but with more ‘reet lush vibes’. https://www.pubintheparkuk.com/knutsford/music