Terrible festivals - 2018 edition


Don’t talk to me about heroes
Some of those men sound like Suggs


Have Ought ever written a song as fun as Murder on the Dancefloor though?


A friend regularly shows me their recent songs and they’re alright. Nothing groundbreaking, but alright. Good songwriting. Certainly nothing with as much cringeworthy forced quirkiness of Let’s Dance to Joy Division any more.


I remember seeing a woeful festival set to make it’s Brighton debut this year but forgot it’s name

This was the proposed line up

Big Day Out 2018

2018 Lineup Announced so far…

Scouting For Girls


The Hoosiers

Grace Davies

Union J

Mr Bloom

& more

I hadn’t heard much since I saw the poster on my facebook feed a month ago
It’s been cancelled due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’



It’s for a good cause but that’s an awful lot of money for a festival full of cover bands


Second stage would have been a solid lineup in 2009.


Foo Forgers :flushed::joy:

Peak 1:29 on https://youtu.be/pehHOqx7JXg


Have we had any festival cancellations yet - feels like we must be in the zone now?


Apparently the singer from Foo Forgers used to be the drummer in Nearvana


would watch an indie film about this


Me too. It’s a hit waiting to happen


Anvil meets Spinal Tap


Disappointed I’m not there, now


this thread is making me fully lose it :'D


All festivals are a bit shit now aren’t they?



Further up this thread someone mentioned the Reef/Wildhearts/Terrorvision/Dodgy tour. I therefore feel obliged to say that I attended it at a packed Digbeth Arena in Birmingham on Saturday night and had an ace time. :slight_smile:

(OK, Reef weren’t all that)



Really hoped Towers of London were a dream, but there it is in black and white.