Terrible festivals - 2018 edition


Was in a great vegan restaurant here in Melbourne the other night and the staff all had various t-shirts on with the restaurant logo on the front…and the on back was a stylised Jesus pic of him with a lamb saying ‘In Moz We Trust’ over it. And I was just a bit sucking air through your teeth about that.


not sure whats terrible about this?

would I go… no chance. bet loads of people would though :man_shrugging:


Yeah this festival is definitely not to my taste, but that’s a massive line-up for a lot of people, fair play to them.


I think these are some of the worst bands I can think off the top of my head.


i hear quentin tarantino’s a big fan of feet


On a website you just stumbled across no doubt.


Can we establish which of the festivals posted here are of interest to no one so we can establish an honest thread of “terrible festivals” that is entirely objective and not coloured by the taste of these forums?



That is a WEIRD lineup.


Some danger of this being an excellent time…


I’ll be at that. there’s enough fun to had.


Love that John Power (or this festival I guess) is still trading off The La’s


goldie looking chain (legends set)


RIP FifeFest


And we have a winner of this year’s ‘terribly organised, bad sound and potentially dangerous’ new festival of the summer: the Festival Republic shows at Finsbury Park. Anyone here go? This Twitter thread is illuminating.


If anyone ever compiles a thread of terrible threads, this one has to be up there. The worst of DiS music snobbery.


It would be good to split it into two threads- ‘festival fuckups’ to talk about festivals that fuck up in some way, and ‘shocking lineups’ for those that want to laugh at lineups that are lame in some way- then those that find that distasteful can avoid it! I’d be scanning the fuckups one like a hawk over the summer!


Wow some sensational buck passing, there.


Genuinely don’t get what’s snobby about laughing at a festival headlined by Toploader.


that’s because you’ve been conditioned by years of posting on the music boards.