Terrible festivals - 2018 edition


On a site I choose to use because of the music style/taste of the writers and community.


I’m kidding, don’t get your knickers in a twist. My point is that there are lots of festivals people might not fancy. Doesn’t make them terrible.


I get that. But it does make them terrible to us lot. I hope there is a Britpop loving forum out there where they post End of The Road line-ups and laugh about how fucking boring the music is and call us all bedwetters or something!


^ found one of the people who bought a ticket to FifeFest


errr I’m actually the promoter.


This is true! I’m always banging on about this instagram page I’m obsessed with that is essentially an oasis fanpage. They’re always posting picutres from shine on weekender and the comments are full of people really looking forward to seeing shed seven and bands of that ilk. The page posts disparaging things about Kanye and rap music a lot too so if there’s room for that there’s room for us laughing at the bills of some shit festivals.


Nice bit of false advertising from Wireless.


The Terrible Festivals season is carrying on way into the Autumn this year



Solid set of headliners.

I did read that as “Huey Morgan’s NYC Bloc Party” and did not feel remotely shocked.


Will Hillary be playing her earlier stuff, such as “I Believe Marriage Should Be Between A Man and A Woman?”


Enjoyed reading the entire line-up to the tune of this.


Some shite on Leith


Gerry Cinnamon is ridiculously popular in Glasgow.


I have absolutely no idea who he is.


This video of him at the recent TRNSMT festival on Glasgow Green should give you an idea of how popular he is locally.


Scottish Sheeran?
Edit: he’s sold out a big venue in Belfast too so it’s spreading.


What is that festival called? I genuinely can’t tell.



Mad cool festival are doing a great jib of running a terrible festival today.