Terrible festivals - 2018 edition


How so? A pal is there stoked on seeing NIN and Pearl Jam.


Access is a disaster.


Miracle Glass Company are awesome

wouldn’t go tho, obvs


Not sure about this.


I can find at least a few bands or mor ethat I like in almost all these festivals minus the really small ones. You guys are a picky bunch.

Then again, I would never attend a festival because waste of money to me since I’m not big into live music but plenty of good bands nonetheless.


34 seconds into the video and the “here we, here we, here we fucking go” chant starts up. Scottish crowds really are embarrassing sometimes.


I agree! The “here we fucking go” chant really has to die.


The same with Irish people chanting Ole, olé, olé.
It boils my piss.


People in Yorkshire just shouting Yorkshire


Leeds, Leeds, Leeds, Leeds


I’m going to this.


If Yorkshire gained independence their national team would have a big “YORKSHIRE” across the front like “IRAN” in World Cup 98.


Can’t be bothered to scroll through, but has that Cool Britannia Festival been cancelled yet?


Are you excited?


Can’t wait!


There seems to be a whole raft of festivals screwing up on toilets, bars, entry and crowds at the minute. Including ones organised by people who’ve been doing it for years and should understand logistics, which make me think people are trying to cut costs…


Have we had this one yet? Please note the inclusion of Noasis, who are presumably not to be confused with No Way Sis, the Oasis tribute band who got an actual record deal in the mid-90s. The cocaine back then must have been fucking incredible.


It’s not even that it’s terrible so much as that it appears to have been put together by a drunk person throwing darts at festival posters ranging from 1996-2003


Feeder do some festivals don’t they?

They seem to have been playing at every festival going for the past decade. They do have the tunes for getting pissed in a field though to be fair.


Second post in, seems like they’ve announced more since then though