Terrible festivals - 2018 edition


They are doing posh loo tickets for £11😢 maybe that is why the manics are playing


They’re actually voluntary donations towards the cost of providing the Manics’ personal loos


There’s an actual band called L.A.D?

In my day, we would have frogmarched such people through the street while 50,000 priests yelled “YOU ARE A DISGRACE! YOU ARE HORRIBLE! YOU ARE NOT A GOOD PERSON!”


Mel C 2 places beneath Starsailor… :frowning:


:changes Facebook profile picture to a Nordic country’s flag in sympathy:


Darci Lynne & Friends look like a must see



I actually know this lot. They’ve got a female singer so it’s some kind of irony that they’re doing there. Legit incredible musicians but can’t comment on the music of this particular act; their funk covers band, Love Shovel, were very good though


If you tolerate this, then your cistern will be next.


He should do a cover of Sally Cinnamon but call it Gerry Cinnamon.


He already does a cover of ‘I Wanna Be Adored’.



Wonder if the formatting that separates “performs” and “talking heads” on different lines is entirely accidental.


Weird un this. Divine Comedy, Steve Davis and the Talking Heads thing amongst some really bland stuff.


This is just down the road from me - never been. And that’s baring in mind that they’ve had slightly more exciting headliners a la Massive Attack/Primal Scream in the past - can’t see me making it down for Squeeze* or Paloma Faith :no_mouth:

*I actually caught Squeeze at Latitude two years ago and they were bloody excellent in fairness. Still not going to a Waitrose sponsored day out in Blackheath mind…


Now that is horrendous. I really, really cannot stand Paloma Faith’s TV ads at the moment


Ah ok, that’s probably ok then, divert my 50,000 priests request to the Happy Mondays. I loved you guys back in the day… but… please… just… stop… now.


Why do people hate Paloma Faith so much? I’m not here to judge, just wanted a brief summary.


Can’t speak for everyone, but it’s the weird fake voice that gets me. As demonstrated here


I HATE Paloma Faith and I don’t think I’ve EVER seen anything as painfully embarrassing as this: