Terrible festivals - 2018 edition


Tbh Goldie Looking Chain probably deserve the “Legends Set” at Glasto, so they’ve got an absolute steal there!


Fun fact: I bought Free Peace Sweet by Dodgy (yes, I know) around the time of Euro 96. So whenever I think of losing on penalties to Germany, I get an instant earworm of “If You’re Thinking Of Me”.


When I think of Britpop… I think of Heaven 17


Fun Fact: my cassette version of that same album came with three copies of the inlay card.


I’ll not hear a bad word said against Free Peace Sweet. Solid gold that album is.


Homegrown was (I think) the second or third album I ever bought.



And that album too, solider gold. I think I’m a Dodgy fan.



Have fun watching Dodgy in Knebworth!!!111!!!


Fair enough, but the problem is that this is as good as it gets for Scotland festival-wise. It was being touted as an alternative to T In The Park originally, but now it just seems to be siphoning off the dross in it’s abscence.

It’s a pretty poor show when we used to be capable of staging festivals like Connect alongside T : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Connect_Music_Festival#Line-up. 2007’s line-up in particular was strong stuff for it’s time. That’s the sort of thing that TRNSMT should be putting on.


I fookin will R Kid


This makes me think that we need a Britpop vs Krautrock thread (in a Pro Remain spirit of course).

Good lord, I’ve just noticed it’s MPBH:

What with @deep-blue also making an appearance in the last few weeks, it’s like Old DiS never went away.


Forever gutted I didn’t go to that Connect festival as a young lad. T in the Park was always easier as it was like 30 minutes drive from my house and everyone I knew went.

Not really operating on the same level but Electric Fields is a brilliant wee festival.


The “Plus 1 more act TBA” is a personal highlight.


You know, I’d never heard of this one. That’s quite a decent line-up they had last year, might have to keep an eye on this one. Looks very Connect-y too. Thanks for bringing that to my attention!


I went last year, cracking lineup and really well organised. Good food, decent drink options and full of sound humans.


Looks like this has started a class row on twitter and Sean is berating the Drowned in Sound twitter account.
And now big man Stuart Braithwaite has weighed in.


I’m reading bits as Sean talking to himself from different accounts


Ignore this.


I’ve posted about this instagram account I’m obsessed with before but Cool Britannia is a ‘must’ for them Clive. https://www.instagram.com/p/BengUOqFV5x/?taken-by=oasis_roses_beatles


I had it around the same time, reminds me of that summer. One Of Those Rivers is another sad one.