Terrible festivals - 2018 edition


That’s horrible, it sounds like a mangled parody of Nina Simone



i saw that live


Squeeze are great you jokers


not sure if already posted but… this is a three day festival, no day tickets so why would you have those three headliners at a small festival?

it’s just such a weird combo of acts alround


remember when Razorlight headlined Leeds


There’s some actually decent stuff in the undercard but a lot of it just makes no sense together.


I was at Reading that year. Something sticks out like a sore thumb but I cant quite put my finger on it.

Headliners Reading/Leeds 2007
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Smashing Pumpkins
and… Razorlight?


So the two headliners of pennfest this weekend are each second billing at Y Not the following weekend, with the Libertines and them twats Catfish and the Bottlemen and the Wombats, from that other thread. The DiS circle of scorn is complete.

(Poor Manics though, eh)


I think a lot of music festivals these days cater to people who aren’t music fans and just want the experience of going to a festival. If the main attraction is going to dance around in a field with a beer and face paint then you probably don’t really care who’s playing as long as it’s palatable enough for you and your mates. Thinking of the people I know who go to this sort of thing, it’s not really the line-up that matters to them as long as they’ve heard of a few of the bands - they’re more concerned about how easy it is to get to and how many of their friends they can convince to come - so I guess the festivals book a wide range of acts to attract as many people as possible.


Totally this^ but there seems to be a saturation of the market which, coupled with all the festival disasters and apparent cost cutting, will surely lead to the downfall of “casual festivals” within the next few years.


To be fair to Y Not (which had a mare last year), that’s a fairly appealing (to some) mix of old and new acts. It does at least feel like they’re trying to curate something, and grow the festival with it…so it could survive the cull I predicted above


I feel like a festival crash is going to come within the next year, honestly. This summer in particular seems like there’s just a complete over-saturation – not only of ‘terrible’ regional ones, but generally.

Festival No 9 have already announced they’re taking a year off next year and I’m pretty sure Latitude had sluggish sales for this edition too. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple more take a hiatus.


Presumably Festival No.6

I mean that’s actually pretty shit…not been to either and I’m sure both have their issues…but they’re definitely more part of the festival scene focused on music…as opposed to the casual kind seen ITT. Would be a real shame if events like that would take an indirect hit from this saturation.

If EOTR goes I’d be distraught


Oops yes, Fest No 6. Which is a great event.

I feel like End Of The Road should probably be OK: it’s a lot more indie/niche than even Latitude is, and generally has quite a hardcore contingent of people who go every year. But I’m not sure if the people who usually buy tickets later in the summer might have festival fatigue by then? Who knows.


I’m surprised that Latitude was a low seller, because The Killers headlined it and while I’m not a fan, they’re massive for a festival of that size aren’t they?


the killers were absolutely packed as well, to the extent that mogwai, who were playing against them on the second stage, drew (i thought) a pretty modest crowd. certainly a lot smaller than when i saw them in the same tent 4 years earlier.


I thought Latitude put together a really good bill this year, after a right stinker last year. I would’ve gone to this one if I’d be able to (and possibly regretted it when confronted with the awful, glitter caked, posh children who made up most of the crowds last time I went), it’d be a right shame if this one was a bad seller and they went back to focusing on more Mumford & Sons-like stuff next year.


I tend to find that strong undercards are just as big a draw as headliners for indie festivals…sometimes more so.

Though that point isn’t really relevant to latitude, which seemed decently overall tbh. Perhaps it’s a matter of marketing niche…not indie enough for EOTR/Green Man fans but too indie for casual festival goers (given the increase in that product over the last few years)?


There are festival crashes every so often. The last one was around 2007/8. It was chalked up at the time to the onset of the recession and how that hit young people in particular (this is what killed ATP essentially).

Absolute nadir was probably the the infamous Zoo8 festival, where the organisation was absolutely terrible and loads of artists pulled out and there was the infamous and likely not true but still hilarious rumour that Mark Ronson was paid with bags of pound coins from the bars.