Terrible festivals - 2018 edition


Is it the children or their poshness that’s the problem? There’s a decent number at EOTR…but I’m all for them tbh (most of them seem more hippy than posh)


Last time I went there were a bunch of dickish 15 year olds who decided to be dead edgy by turning up to anything remotely electronic and jumping around shoving each other, chanting loudly. Also it seemed I couldn’t watch anything much at the main stage without posh teens having loud screaming conversations and paying fuck all attention to the act.


2007/8 wasn’t quite due to the recession so much as the absolute shithouse weather that summer. I think the fallout from the great recession really hit home in 2011 - Truck definitely wasn’t the only festival to struggle ‘slightly’ at the time.

I went to Truck on Friday and the security seemed really lax / there was a lack of stewards, which is (per my memory) an indication of things getting tight financially. I think your point is definitely a valid one, though the fact of Truck/Y-Not and others now being part of some horrendous media agglomeration makes me think they’ll be more resilient.


i worked at the park where zoo8 was held for about five years (2012-2017). people still talk about it all the time and they’re all adamant that all the rumours about it are/were all completely true!


I’m not sure whether Zoo8 or Hope and Glory had the more ridiculous stories going around.


When you Mancs embarrass yourselves so much you ask the wools to clean up the mess


I think EotR will be fine. Has totally got it’s place as a respected festival, without compromising, and whilst the size has creeped up, their attempt at a second festival didn’t go to plan, and they immediately retrenched to just the one event.

I guess the risk is that one day they will just flog it, and it will change, but that doesn’t seem to be on the cards at the moment.


The worst bit of that for me was speed reading Clint Boon and seeing something else.


Yeah, EOTR will be fine. Seems to have a pretty loyal contingent of attendees, and while they seem to be trying to raise numbers slightly, I don’t think they’re as reliant on selling huge numbers of tickets as some of the more vulnerable ones. And they’ve sold out the last two years, and are seemingly about to do so this year.


On the subject of the major festivals struggling, don’t know how well the Camp Bestival/Bestival model works these days having them on the same site on consecutive weekends, but having been at a storm blasted Sunday this weekend, it was noticeable how much down on numbers Camp Bestival was this year compared to last. Last year had fairly dire weather also, so reckon they might have taken a hit from that. Shame as it seems like a real passion for the Rob Da Bank and his wife. Also, Bestival used to be MASSIVE when it was on The Island Of White - feels like a small, boutique festival now…


Bestival tickets have been sold 2-4-1 recently. Line-up is very noticeably massively scaled back on what they have had in the past:


Think it might be for the best if they call it a day, at least for a few years.


I dunno whether I’ve not been paying attention to the line-ups in recent years, but got to say I was surprised at the quality of this years line-up. Feels like a few years ago they were pulling out headliners who maybe weren’t quite off the A-List but were pretty close, and slightly creative bookings to boot (Outkast, Beck before he was touring that often, Stevie Wonder, Elton John) and quite a strong undercard. This year’s doesn’t look anywhere near strong enough, although it’s probably not really aimed at me.

Maybe the fact it’s not on Isle of Wight anymore will offset that, always seemed like a massive pain in the arse to get to.


Think they’ve sold out every year for ages now. They have a really great model, must be so much fun for them at this point.


I have a real soft spot for Bestival as it’s where me and the TV met in 2009, both drawn there by a shared love of Kraftwerk. Went in 2010 and 2011 as well and there was just so many great acts each year. Despite the convenience of moving to the mainland, feel that it’s lost a little bit of its sparkle from not being the festival season closer anymore. When it was in September it was something to look froward to over the rest of the summer - now it’s just stuck in the middle of a load of similar festivals in August.

Just stumbled across this from last year which has some interesting Bestival insight:


Apologies for turning this thread into the Bestival nostalgia thread…


I loved going to Bestival but haven’t been for a couple of years now. I think its USP – a bit of an adventure to get to, people dressing up, felt like a bit of a weird party to close the summer – just doesn’t feel unique enough anymore, and they’ve clearly struggled with the lineup this year. Stuff like Lovebox, The Mighty Hoopla, etc kind of ticks those boxes for people way earlier in the summer, and they’re less of a pain to get to as well.

I just don’t think there’s enough people willing to buy tickets to more than one festival in a summer just to get a similar experience. It’ll be interesting to see which ones take a break next year.


DF Concerts have definitely spread themselves a bit too thin this year. The 5 day TRNSMT with the likes of Stereophonics and Queen filling headline slots was a misstep (and needed half price tickets to try and beef up attendance for the Queen day), and I’ve seen a two pretty much consecutive “limited time only” twofer offers for their Summer Sessions series.

Kendrick (despite being a rare quality booking by DF) was a pretty optimistic headliner for a 40,000 show anyway, having not quite managed to sell out the Hydro in February.


Sheep shit, or bullshit?


A friend, used to attend a bar she worked at and really disliked her. Cant remember why. But apparently she was one of these people driven to become famous in any way she could.


As someone who made one of these threads a few yeara back (maybe the first?) I want to defend against the critics.

Clearly festivals are more then the acts. I have enjoyed myself at local festivals with poor acts quite a lot. Far more then bigger corparate festivals (although unfortunately many local festivals are now corporately owbed which is why they all have more or less the same line up).

But I started the thread because I relised that the headliners for a fairly major festival were all mid 00s indie bands. That festival line ups are now largerly nostalgia fests.

Rather then promoting newer bands and maybe have one or two big old acts to pull we are seeing all mid 00 acts in the first 2 rows and thats depressing.

This is even worse at local festival, who not too long ago promoted current, mid sized acts, as headliners. Now they go for mid tier 90s or 00 bands. So you get Ash, Maximo Park etc headlining dozens of festivals.

Wheres the fresh stuff coming through? I get it the market is difficult but with stupid number of festivals that exist now maybe you can take a risk. That festival I used you love kept playing it safe and ended up broke. I was laughing at the homoginised depressing nature of these line ups. Of course many of these festivals are no doubt good fun.


Some awful acts down the list but actually dont mind this line up. Kendrick is clearly worth catching. Post Malone is hugely successful and hard to catch on this side of teh Atlantic and Skepta is a good call.

The rest normal guff that leeds and reading has been serving for a few years. They were a bit stuck tbf. You cant always have the Foo Fighters and Arctic Monkeys headlining.

They took a risk by brining in more contemporary acts although it will really piss off some of the base that goes to these music festivals. But perhaps it will bring in some younger people to replace them. They have on of the biggest commercial acts in the world and one of the most critically acclaimed. You would have to go way back to find the last time Reading/Leeds offered that.