Terrible festivals - 2018 edition


I haven’t listened fully to the 1 Xtra stage yet, but It’s ok for my tastes, but does lack pedigree, with the Sunday expecially lacking anything I personally care much for in the evening. i mean just compare this year to what I saw there last year (sorry I haven’t sorted out the colours on this years, yet…

First Choices in Green:

Saw some of the Pink ones:

Skepta pulled out as he was busy doing something, and they just bumped Diplo up


Yeah its very weak down the list but I would argue that the headliners are better


I cant believe Sum 41 are still a thing


Kenrick and Muse are easilly the best headliners on each line up, the rest were/are pretty weak. I’ve seen FOB play that same stage as a joint headliner within the last 2 years and it was fine. KoL , meh, idk; P!atD are a band i really like, but have never been that exciting live and Kasabian, um, rooves.


What even is that festival? Definitely not due to poor sales stemming from a lack of marketing? (Appreciate im not their target market)


Likewise, but this was genuinely the first time I heard mention of it. Then to blame the farm! What a bunch of dicks.


I would actually like to see Ultrasound.


THE SEAHORSES (chris helme solo) :joy:so not the seahorses then…


Playing the Lexington on the 25th of November (and Bedford on the 23rd and Leicester on the 22nd).

Tickets still available etc (although The Lexington has almost sold out…)



So it’s DJ Soft-Play and MC Craft? Or are Soft-Play some horrible yacht-rock lounge tribute to Chris Martin and the boys?


Sum 41 are THE thing.


OK, it’s hardly a “festival”, but…


TBF, Mark Morriss is great fun live. Proper nice and funny bloke, a great mix of classic Bluetones, solo stuff and covers. I’ve seen him a few times and will always check him out if he’s playing locally.


Going to see The Beatles in December m8


Didn’t know he’d done anything aside from Return of the Mack


End of The Road will be fine simply because the people go once tend to go every year, that’s what a well run and thought out festival does, it creates a sense of loyalty and community among it’s festival goers and word of mouth spreads and in theory the number should then stay pretty consistent and only grow from then on. Put on a couple of bands that’d attract a younger audience to start the cycle a new every year and it should be self sustaining.


But most festivals aren’t well thought out and are rarely anything more than ‘competently’ ran so people will go, have fun, but no real desire to return.They’ll check that festival off of their list and then go to a different one next year, eventually the pool of people that would be interested in your festival dwindles and you’re kinda dickd. Then you have the endless festivals with the same line ups which feel like they’ve come off of a conveyor belt, the success of those events is purely down to two things. Location and Price. If either are even slightly wrong they will fail.

Or they will try to expand too fast a la Truck and ATP and either alienate their core audience or not have enough customers to sustain. ATP was particularly awful for this because they oversaturated a market they essentially had a monopoly overl


I was talking to someone on here about Geneva. They were actually a good band. So I suppose for getting to see a band you didn’t the first time round…(well apart from the disclaimer under the band name)


I liked Geneva a lot. I bought all the singles from ‘Further’ at the time…‘No One Speaks’, ‘Into The Blue’, ‘Tranquilizer’ & ‘Best Regrets’.