Terrible festivals - 2018 edition


This is a piece on the current overcrowded festival market in Chicago but covers a lot of the stuff we’ve been talking about in this thread


Just winced thinking what “hip hop karaoke” would be like at this :grimacing:


Not read that yet, but happened to notice they were streaming Lollapalooza on youtube so looked at the clashfinder and as with a lot of this year’s festvals, there was very little i knew. That’s not to say there wasn’t loads of great stuff. I’d never really listened to Borns before but saw his set and now have someone to watch a bit of after La Dispute at Reading. The problem is that if someone with a pretty broad taste in music, who listens to an over 100 tracks per day doesn’t recognise massive chunks of line ups, they will struggle to sell out. They did have Carly Rae Jepsen though so, they should have sold out on that alone.


Kingmaker (For a Day) has done me


Went to the Great British Beer Festival at Olympia last week. I’d say the attendance was two thirds of what it was a couple of years ago.

There was a bloke on his own playing acoustic Oasis covers, but he was roundly ignored.


I was tentatively pencilled in to work this one but my boss said it had all the hallmarks of failure from Day 1.
Pretty relieved tbh.


It’s Peter Kay’s world. We just live in it


As baffling as it is that The Courteeners can sell out arenas, the fact a tribute band to them exists is even more mind blowing.


I’d say this probably has something to do with the hundreds of (pretty great) local beer/craft ale festivals that have popped up over the past couple of years. It makes the prospect of doing the same thing in a massive shed in London pretty depressing in comparison.




got to fill those diversity quotas somehow!


I thought that’s why they had a Primal Scream tribute but they just about qualify for Madchester because of Mani and that.
Reckon it’s an excuse for a bunch of pissed up ‘lads’ to fulfill their lifelong dream of beating up Blur.


Has this weekend’s Cool Britannia Festival STILL not been cancelled?

I am watching that one closely, let me tell you.

At the very least I am looking forward to it turning out to be in a tent, in the Knebworth car park.


this article unearths a new kind of terrible festival

“Then there’s last month’s House festival, on Hampstead Heath, which has partnered with, among others, Rupert Murdoch’s News UK and Freuds, the PR firm run by Matthew Freud (who was considered part of Cameron’s Chipping Norton set and married to Elisabeth Murdoch). The festival is primarily for members of the Soho House group of private members’ clubs. Members who already pay more than £1,500 a year to join the club can chuck a further £150 on tickets, to see Nile Rodgers, the Manic Street Preachers and Rita Ora, while eating unlimited lobster. If that’s not a Tory Glastonbury, I don’t know what is.”


nice to see the manics living up to their much-touted socialist values, there.

i wonder if they played ‘the masses against the classes’


Disappointed that its not a Clint Boon tribute act


Disappointed to see the manics on this tbh


on second thoughts im not bothered


‘everything’s for sale’


Would love a tribute fight between Philip Alsofield and Carter That Got Copied On A Fax Machine