Terrible festivals - 2018 edition


As proven elsewhere in this thread the Manics have transcended to “what’s the event again? actually fuck it, we’ve all got mortgages to pay so just say yes” level of nonchalance when it comes to bookings. Fair play I guess.


What did Cheshire do to deserve 2 nights of Toploader?


Gok… Wan… DJ set???


Melanie C

's 90s mix tape


Haha, surely they could just condense that line up in to one day. Bizarre.

A weekend ticket for this is £65. The cheek!


Actually think this is the worst lineup posted in here.

Boutique festival!


We do seem to have a winner - trying to understand both the thought process of the person booking the lineup and the thought process of anyone seriously wanting to attend both nights. Twice? Really?


Can this be real?

A Spice Girl playing a mixtape?


“Exhibition Polo”



It’s boutique, innit.


I have actually seen a gok wan dj set, was genuinely ok.


i would probably enjoy Mel C tbh


There’s absolutely no way anyone’s buying tickets to that.


Really hope Jay Foreman has a builder based act and that Chris Hepworth is a Chris Hemsworth impersonator.
Jay Foreman + Chris Hepworth sing “If I had a hammer” as a finale. (Hepworth dressed as Thor)


A hot one coming up next week that doesn’t seem to have been posted. Your friends and mine, Toploader, are of course included.


In previous years Robin Hill would have been hosting 50,000 people at Bestival that weekend. Quite the climb down…


Indeed. And from the sounds of it Bestival wasn’t even that good this year so I’m not sure if it’d have been any better on IOW.

Toploader must be fucking coining it in this year though – this month they’re even squeezing in two festivals per day. Fuck.


Would have been next week


Jay Foreman is amazing.



^actually quite reasonable name for a Primal Scream tribute band, fair play

Noel Gallaghers - High Flying Carpets

^who the fuck needs a tribute act for Noel’s solo stuff? is his solo material really that popular? and that’s a truly incredible choice of name for a tribute band