Terrible festivals - 2018 edition


Maybe includes some Inspirals stuff as well? 'cos he was their roadie for a bit, or something?


Sell out!


Other than in a shit local paper, I cant find a thing about the Cool Britannia Festival, which amazingly wasn’t cancelled. Bit disappointed.


I’m getting targetted advertising for this festival on Facebook. So, clearly the joke’s on me


Jay Foreman does youtube videos about the London Underground. They’re a bit Douglas Adams-y.


Enjoyed this in this week’s Popbitch

At this weekend’s Cool Britannia festival at Knebworth, we heard that Black Box arrived at their dressing room on Saturday to find it had been plundered and all the booze had been nicked from their rider.

Fingers were, not irrationally, pointed at the Happy Mondays – who had the dressing room next door and something of a reputation for hedonism. But Bez insists they’re innocent. In fact, he says he had enough booze left over from the Mondays’ own rider that he ended up taking some home.

We know him to be an honourable man. So who was stealing acts’ booze, hoping that the Mondays would take the fall for it?

Feeder? Toploader? Dodgy? Come on, boys. Someone needs to ‘fess up.


I saw this and thought of this thread, along with the settling of the Fuel bill.


He’s that rarest of things, a great musical comedian.


Has this been posted? I lose track of the cruises



I am actually going to go to this tomorrow (assuming there are tickets left!) specifically to see Ultrasound. I figured i may not get another chance to see them. I don’t think i’ll be hanging around for Northern Uproar, The Real People, My Life Story, The Supernaturals or Echobelly though.


Gates Open are decent


that’s amazingly dire


Ultrasound aren’t playing anymore. Sorry.


Need at least one decent act on there.


Gallagherless Oasis.

Fronted by Paddy McGuinness


What kind of stuff does he play?


I didn’t find out Ultrasound weren’t playing until i turned up at the venue and saw they weren’t on the running order…sipping my over-priced pint in a VERY empty O2 Academy with Chris Helme playing an acoustic version of The Doors ‘Five To One’ was a low point.


For anyone asking “When is White History Month?” they should simply read this thread.


Is there a 2019 thread?