Terrible festivals - 2018 edition


I’m speechless at everything about this.


North Sea cruise in March lovely stuff


And make your own way back to Hull. Delightful.


Some of Ian Brown’s backing band tho


Torpedo the fucker! :wink:
Edit: slightly harsh but this looks like an early contender for Maritime Disasters 2019 thread.


When Rick Witter is in a font that big, you know you’re in trouble.


That’s my birthday plans sorted for next year :stuck_out_tongue:


Amazed the Wonder Stuff are still “going”.
Did one great album, but cant have had that many fans, and that’s including the 2 of them that were mates from NZ


I reckon this would be absolutely brilliant… For about 20 minutes, then would turn into the worst thing on earth


Their last album actually charted in the UK top 40 - they seem to have a fairly dedicated hardcore of original fans still knocking around…


aye Hup was great, but its from fekking 1989


The drummer from the happy Monday’s playing unplugged :laughing:


Aziz Ibrahim & Inder Goldfinger ‘Monkey Business 2019’…what exactly is this? Presumably, they are playing Ian Brown solo stuff?!


There is some absolutely atrocious stuff on there. But I would happily watch The Bluetones, Bentley Rhythm Ace and Mull Historical Society anytime. On which note though, what links MHS with the rest of this bill? I am genuinely baffled.


Bentley rhythm ace hold up surprisingly well.


Yep, especially the first album. I’ve still never heard another track like Midlander…