Terrible festivals - 2018 edition


Jesus. My fave comment is: “I’d literally only be interested in seeing top loader lolz”


Do you think “the Britpop Collective” is whoever isn’t playing on the main stage practising their instruments for the first time in 20 years?


It’s just a guy called Ian having a pop because he thinks Ocean Colour Scene made some incredible music and broke racial barriers because we didn’t have mixed-race bands before the 90s.


Tbf connect only lasted two years and lost a quarter mil. Plus the second year wasn’t that great.

The first year though - best line up of any festival I’ve been to.


I hope its real bit part players singing their own material while Bez and Cressa have a dance off.


Had a wee look through previous posts and Im a big fan of this image.
Why paint over the required one letter when you can paint over another 2 unnecessarily? :rofl:


It’s a slippery slope pal, you’ll be checking daily before you know it :flushed:


Have you ever heard of Sting?




Just an old dis meme


It’s ‘Classical Britpop’ I’m holding out for - Toploader taking on the works of Chopin & Shed Seven performing Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto #2


Classic @Balonz


Anyone slagging off Urban Cookie Collective gets what they deserve.




Cast and Republica, again! An Oasis tribute band that is different to the one that’s playing Cool Britannia!


https://www.pubintheparkuk.com/knutsford/music/all-acts dunno why Squeeze are doing this


Really hope Nick Corbin is a booking error and they were hoping Jeremy was free with no Glasto this year.


Poor A Certain Ratio :frowning:


Shed Seven just announced as Headliners for the Shiiine On Weekender, FYI


They should sail away