Terrible festivals - 2018 edition


Shiiine on are doing a cruise from Hull (!!) to Amsterdam (!!!) too. Is there really a market for this?


My local festival. Imagine a line up in 2018 that includes Starsailor, Fun Lovin Criminals and Cast. It’s like the last 20 years didn’t happen.


Oh God, that’s not too far from me either. Unsurprisingly, I won’t be going.


your loss shoebox1976uk


Things I’ve learned from this thread: Cast will say ‘yes’ to anything and are probably still making a really decent living out of it.


Peter Hook did a Joy Division album in full on it last year


Didnt @jordan_229 find their rider or something?



The Sex Pissed Dolls!!


This thread is not doing a lot for the dignity of famous middle aged Mancunians


Dear God. I just did a YouTube search:


Yes he did!






Cast now have approximately 18000 towels to share between 7 people.


Have there always been this many shit festivals? It feels like they’re multiplying. Even more scope for some horror shows like last year (forget the name of that one in Liverpool, but that’s an example).


Bit of a lame thread this. God forbid people go and watch bands that they enjoy! Come on DIS your better than this snobbery.


I hope they offer refunds on that Sanctuary.


Was that the one that not only had a terrible lineup but also didn’t actually happen?


Ah yes, I remember my first day on DiS too…