Terrible festivals - 2018 edition




Hope and Glory, it was a shame for those who spent money on it but the fallout afterwards was so entertaining (slagging off their own headliner on twitter)


Won’t someone please think of the pint of milk!

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The old correcting punctuation put down.


It’s a classic [or “Its” if you prefer].


It is indeed a classic. Seems to be the go to reply when no funny putdowns can be thought of.
(BTW You’ll be able to pick me up on punctuation mistakes all day as its not my strong point. Spelling on the other hand you’ll be glad to know I’m good at.)
Anyhow I’ll consider it a welcome to the forum.


Sorry, it was a bit weak of me…

I guess this thread is poking fun at the Brian Pern’s of the indie rock world, bands who weren’t that great to start with perpetuating their careers through low quality “festivals” rather than moving on. Perhaps it’s fair to say there’s a level of creative bankruptcy if you insist on flogging your (at best) mediocre “hits” long after you’ve passed your creative peak (or when you’ve stopped recording altogether). It’s the cash-in mentality that lands bands in this thread. Not unfair I don’t think.


Pretty sure the rest of that lineup was generated by the same neural network as that Coachella one


Haha not a prob. My original comment was stirring it a bit.

I agree to a point and for the record I’m not a big fan of most of the bands listed in these line-ups. However when I was first getting into music this was my era & I listened to a lot of them (Ocean Colour Scene, Cast, Oasis, Dodgy, Lightning Seeds etc…).

A lot of people stop searching for new music once they hit there late 20s-30s and stick with what they know. Because of this there’s a place for festivals like these.
There’s so many festivals these days that cater for all tastes (which is surely a good thing) and seems to be money in nostalgia.


Hi CG!


I know what you mean, it always amazes me that some of my older friends just seemed to have forgotten that there is new music out there and that it’s still a joy to find something new that you like. Anyway, Proper Welcome To The Forum if you haven’t posted much before!


Whos CG?


Cheers. I’m a long time reader of the forum but only recently started posting.




I went to the Shine weekender thing a couple of years ago (as 2 of my best friends were going - and their work means they can’t get away to a proper summer type festival)

It was not for me on the whole, just not enough variety - but a lot of the old timey bands put on a good show

Don’t think it’s fair to begrudge the bands doing it - we have no idea of their financial situations. Wouldn’t we all fancy a bit of a payday playing these kind of festivals if the opportunity was there?


If you’ve stuck to the music forum, there’s a fairly high chance you won’t have come across CG

Lucky buggers.


Oh piss off.

Having said that, I’m much more irked by the avalanche of “DJ Set” bands than the LAD Bible/old 90s fart “proper” acts.

Footnote: At Lytham Festival two years ago I was quite looking forward to seeing Inspiral Carpets (complex childhood nostalgia and Lancashire pride reasons.) Turns out it was just a DJ set! How much motherfucking effort does it take to put a motherfucking Inspiral Carpets gig on in 2016???


Just came here to post this. Bloody hell though.


Feel like someone needs to step in and tell Run DMC to think again here…