Terrible festivals - 2018 edition


I guess DJ sets make a lot of sense for both band and terrible festival. Bands get an easy £800 or whatever with zero crew costs, and festival gets to put the name on the lineup.


Didnt a member die in 2016?


The Libertines seem to be doing all the regional mid sized festivals people go to because it’s local to them and they know they can get pissed in the sun.

This just seems a weird lineup, not quite sure who it’s supposed to appeal to. Oh wait, people who go because it’s local to them and know they can get pissed in the sun.

Went a couple of years ago when the Flaming Lips headlined and it was pretty horrific.


Remember when The Libertines reformed and it was a huge deal? Yeah… their stock has fallen an awful lot since then.


They’re pretty tied down with that hotel now though innit. Bed linen won’t wash itself.


Reverend Run, so should they just be DMC now?


I meant Inspiral Carpets haha but good point


Oh aye yeah :grinning: can imagine an inspiral carpets dj set just being clint boon doing his old xfm drive time stuff


Sadly yes - the drummer, Craig Gill, that November.


Ah god I hate Clint Boon. Went to his club night once. He gets the mike and sings along, its so tragic


No, but I was 18 by the time Up The Bracket came out and it just sounded like mid day on the NME stage at Reading Festival filler music to me.

*potential hot take alert


Ha, of course he does


I fully suggest looking at the club night photos, some crackers


UTB was ok I never thought the Libertines would become one of the “definitive” bands of the era. Thought it would be the Strokes, who’d be bigger than Nirvana or the Beatles, and look how that turned out :-S


I was there for the Flaming Lips as well. Properly pissed down all day, didn’t it?



Tramlines has had a fairly steep decline into mediocrity over the last couple of years. Only the initial line up announcement but even so…wouldn’t have thought this would be the sort of bands they’d go for to celebrate their tenth birthday when it first started.



So grim. The first few years were amazing


Remember in the late 90s/early 00s when the festival market was totally saturated and loads of them went bust as a result? Fingers crossed, eh.