Terrible festivals - 2018 edition


Fuck what’s happened there!


Now THATS a mess of a lineup


Bands in the top tier I have never heard of. Goodbye, youth.


I mean it’s over 8+ stages, each focused different areas, which will make much more sense when the whole thing is announced, but yeah, it seems counter intuitive publishing so few of the bands like that.


Reverend Run isn’t dead!


Which ones dead?


Tramlines was a car crash of a lineup last year and somehow worse this year (after its been sold off to improve things), and they’ve moved to a less accessible venue :scream:


I know, yer man Jake Bugg not top billing?!?


Catfish and the Bottlemen seriously need to fuck off forever

Inexplicably successful artists

If someone dragged me, I’d go for the Kendrick Lamar day.
I know it’s common knowledge that Reading isn’t a rock festival anymore but what the hell happened in the last decade?


Wow, that’s awful. Not even mass and populist, just outright fucking awful.


Hillsborough park too. Not sure why it’s still trying to market itself as an inner city festival. They’ve completely fucked it. Was great on dev green and surrounding bars, for free or dirt cheap, mainly local bands with some up and coming interesting others.


Jam Master Jay!

Least impactful on their name.

The third Member is DMC, so if Reverend Run does die I guess they do just become DMC.


What the fuck is this?


Fuck I knew that! Idiot dickhead


Oh, I see it’s their joke merch list. Haha, hilarious.


A harrowing advertising campaign for how Dark Fruits destroys families


Weird how A LOT of people are saying “Where are the Foos or Arctic Monkeys!?”. That’s never happened before; the culture stagnating to such a degree that there are only 2 bands considered big enough to headline a rock fest. 2 old bands too. Well one old one and one ageing one.


That is so, so greasy.


Too much enjoyment of Pendulum