Terrible festivals - 2018 edition


Can’t fathom how someone sat down and wrote the whole thing without having second thoughts. Bunch of slimy cunts.


This year is a record terrible year for festival lineups across the board, isn’t it? I think a lot will struggle to flog tickets this year, even the perceived ‘larger’ ones. Green Man, Latitude, Reading, Festival No 9, Bestival, etc etc – all really weak and with lots of crossover of the mid-sized bands.

No idea how some of these more regional ones we’ve posted in here will fare – maybe there’s actually a bigger market for them because people don’t have to travel to a field in the middle of nowhere?


I think there’d been a few festival websites suggesting they were TBC or strong rumours, which in the eyes of people who post such things on twitter, gives them a right to feel aggrieved, when presumably they were nothing more than rumours.


they’re not really weak though, it’s just this board is full of snobs


Just had a look at people’s disappointment at the Reading line up on Twitter, I have vastly underrated the popularity of Arctic Monkeys in 2018.


Nah it’s a shite year. Last year had some corkers. Think a few prolly overspent


ah well nothing’s going ot beat the band in the centre of the 8th row



Not terrible - some great acts here - but who in God’s name makes up the target audience for a Limp Bizkit headline set in the UK in 2018?


I agree quite a few of them festival lineups have slowly been getting weaker the last couple of years (which may be down to Festival Republic cutting costs) but I think there are still a few decent lineups this year like APE, Parklife, EoTR , Field Day and Lovebox


Like I understand Limp Bizkit headling A festival. I just don’t understand Limp Bizkit headlining THAT festival.



This probably doesn’t really belong in here as there’s still a lot of really good stuff but I’m a bit disappointed that this is the direction they’ve taken the headliners. It was such a lovely, friendly festival last year but now it’s probably gonna attract a bunch of “just here to get fucked up” dickheads cause Noel Gallagher is playing in a field.

James, Leftfield, the Coral and Idlewild also add to the mini T in the Park 2009 vibes

I don’t even dislike any of those acts, just the crowd that they’ll bring with them will probably be a bit shite

This post is a bit shite

I’m being a dick

Probably still gonna go


I thought this was nothing to do with the band, just some stupid people put it up at one of their gigs? Or maybe it was the band, I lose track of these things


I hear there’s been a Jay-Z style reaction to Kendrick at Leeds. Sigh…

They don’t deserve him.


If it wasn’t them then fair play, they just have dreadful fans. Not sure why fans would make a ‘merch list’ sign, though.


The punk/hardcore tent is always worth a look, but that’s a bit…dunno really. Recognise about 15 names on that.


Dub Pistols are the Shellac of Boomtown aren’t they


Looking forward to the craft ales


not a festival but why on earth are The Wildhearts doing a tour with Reef, Terrovision and Dodgy


As someone who doesn’t know a whole lot about them, those are exactly the type of bands I’d expect them to tour with


And i am more than happy with that