Terrible festivals - 2019 edition



  • I will not be attending this festival
  • I will/wish I could be attending this festival

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Space might be good fun


Space were absolute shit when I went 2 years ago, but then I always thought they were shit. The “classic Britpop album played in full” will probably be Dodgy’s “Homegrown”. I am not going this year


Not a festival




True but I also welcome noms for non-festivals masquerading as festivals. I mean, everything’s a festival nowadays, even when it’s not, i.e. Jools Holland impolitely eating a satsuma festival, with 200 impolite satsuma-eaters from around the world.


TV is bridesmaid at a wedding later this year and the bride initially wanted the hen do to be at the Shiiiiine On Weekender at Minehead. Several of the attendees baulked at the travel (they mostly live in the south coast) so now they are going to the absolute 80s Weekender at Bognor Regis instead:

In fairness, if it were me I would genuinely be quite excited about seeing Kim Wilde and Altered Images. Plus would probably enjoy T’Pau and Musical Youth :+1:

And would blates end up watching half of those tribute acts too…


Katrina (formerly of the waves):
Bullshit!! Katrina was very clearly separate from the waves!!
Unless there was ANOTHER katrina in the waves themselves, in which case fair enough.


Still a better lineup than Shine On.


Line up has yet to be announced for Shine On. Ergo, it’s probably currently as good as it’s going to get…


How many bookings per year do you reckon a level 42 tribute act gets?



Strong chance the special guests will be Dodgy.


Space were the only band I enjoyed when I went in Manchester. The Bluetones were even more boring now than when they were popular, amazingly, and Dodgy were the actual worst live band I’ve ever seen. Space at least looked like they were having fun.


Just £250 for a weekend ticket if you’re quick, otherwise it goes up to £299.


The Bluetones were not boring when they were popular! I will defend ‘Expecting To Fly’ and all the related b-sides. They were a bit boring after that though.


Hi i’m Katrina (formerly of the Waves)


Katrina of The Sea


Good enough for me


Will I make this joke every year? You bet.