Terrible festivals - 2019 edition


Gus Dapperton sounds like a name from Toast of London.


Is this THAT bad? I don’t mean to rip, just from all the festival regulars. Stormzy and Ezra are two of the biggest popstars in the country and Catfish play arenas. Snow Patrol and Gerry Cinnamon are huge in Scotland.

Blows my mind there are artists called Jimothy and Mabel mind


Absolute banger tbf




Yeah, a couple of decent acts in the King Tut’s tent - The Big Moon would be good to see.

Not sure what the fuss is about here - it looks like every latter day T in the Park line-up to me.


Jimothy Lacoste is a pretty self aware moniker imo.


well done. Collect your indie tokens in the gift shop.


I’m mostly fine with stuff like this as in “it is what it is”, but your mileage might vary. A lot.


It doesn’t say Lacoste. Maybe there are two Jimothys?!


Nah, definitely the same Jimothy. It’s like Kylie, originally he used his surname but now he’s so famous he doesn’t have to.


I think I read somewhere that Lacoste (the company) objected to Jimothy using Lacoste in his name so he removed it.


NOT terrible, but an odd mix here.


Would enjoy loads of that :rofl:


Bearded Theory is a really good festival. It’s never going to be bleeding edge cool, the audience is mostly old hippies and 90s indie kids, but it’s friendly and super chilled in a nice setting. Think this year will be my tenth in a row!


Ok festival, terrible website (especially on mobile)


On so many levels that’s absolute shite


I would enjoy a sizeable amount of that.