Terrible festivals - 2019 edition


Worst one yet :rofl:


That looks fantastic


A distinct lack of Dodgy. Won’t be attending.


cant tell if this is a shitpost or not. That lineup is incredible.


It’s a great post. This thread is a sack of shit :smile:


Obviously they’re all in town to be put on trial for international crimes to music!!!


No way you’ll hear any early Verve from Ashcroft. I’m pretty sure the only song he ever plays pre-‘Urban Hymns’ is ‘History’.


who needs it when you have class like this?


The tiny little violin at 2:41 :joy:


Spotted on Scottish twitter -



Not only is that a terrible line up, but it’s also a terribly formatted poster.


Did they pay someone to do that poster or did one of em get their 5 year old to make it?


re: the formatting - isn’t it just. The spacing between words and the long white lines are really screwing ------- with-my ---------------head!


Once you look past the formatting you’ll clock the baby faces and the stray arm… an amazing effort


Hahaha, I’d literally missed those. Jesus Christ. What were they thinking?

If Flaming lips were playing and it was psych fest, I might vaguely understand, but no, Catfish and Rag n Bone Man. All sorts of amazing :grinning:

ps, I really like Fontaines D.C.


Perplexing this, last three headliners were Tame Impala, Foals and Sigur Ros. Catfish and the Bottlemen don’t tally with that sort of crowd at all. What went so wrong? Vampire Weekend cancel on them last minute or summat?


Yorkshire Burritos though


Citadel have traditionally booked headliner/higher tier bands that are outside of an album cycle, so they probably get decent deals on them. Maybe this lot were the only one that said yes this time around.


makes it worse that it’s in Saddlerworth :face_vomiting: