Terrible festivals - 2019 edition


would happily get a ticket to the Friday, tbh.


Organised by a guy who used to be in Twisted Wheel and is sound to be fair.


Is there really a band called ‘Oh My God It’s the Church’???

like, are they a tribute band for Under the Milky Way ‘the Church’??


Sadly not, because that would be awesome:


Not necessarily terrible but this is all over place


Glassjaw stick out


Looks a lot of fun that but yeah, it’s all over the place


ye gads!


I’d go to that for sure


That ticks nearly all of my musical boxes.


Love it when a festival line up has “special guests” buried halfway down, like it means anything at all.


Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals :expressionless: :fu:


The B-52s and Unsane on the same lineup? Phenomenal work.


Really pleased the local caterers have made it on to this poster. Unless Yorkshire Burrito are some Mariachi outfit from Barnsley.


A sabbath, g’n’r, billy idol super group I didn’t know existed :open_mouth: :laughing:


Citadel line up is shocking. Don’t think I’ll even go if I can get £2 tickets. That lineup combined with the logistic shit show that was last year ain’t appealing in any way.


Took the words from my mouth - feel 100% the same way mate. They’ve gone from decent lineups and decent organisation to a ropey lineup and farcical organisation.


I would get tickets for this in a heartbeat. That is a ridiculous good time waiting to happen.


It means they’re a difficult act to work with and wanted more cash. Promoter ended up tempting them with ‘Special Guests!’


This is about as beige as festivals get.

Promoters are trying too hard if they haven’t booked Toploader, Dodgy, Reef and The Feeling