Terrible festivals - 2019 edition


There are too many festivals.

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Victorious have announced New Order as their Sunday headliner so now it’s a shit festival plus New Order. Tempting.


FYI - saw Clean Bandit headline the Saturday night of Camp Bestival last year and they are great fun live. World be a good warmup for New Order :+1:


not sure what’s going on here, not least with the dates.


My fucking eyes


christ i know, i’ve got a fucking headache looking at that


I think that says Send Payment to 3macangel2018@yahoo.com via paypal

Also it goes on for 6months? Should probably charge more than a fiver.


Where even is this festival taking place?


*Screams and tears eyes out *


That’s five BRITISH pounds.
WTF is this? Do they just send you a c90 with some tracks recorded onto it?*

*showing my age there,


Its for the raffle that


How can you tell? That poster is the finest representation of a migraine I’ve ever seen.


By it saying raffle tickets are five pounds , send money to this email address


Aye, five pounds for the raffle. No info about the cost of the festival.

I Googled. I don’t think it’s this:



Looks more like a scam to me


So they’ve sorted the lineup for the Festival of Brexit then?


Raffle tickets ?
Just five , British pounds !


There is stuff there i like but… wut


I’m looking forward to seeing Neil (as long as he does Hole In My Shoe) and Prince.