Terrible festivals - 2019 edition


Bet thatd be great fun tbh


Looks at rest of lineup


This is a purposefully very trashy, cheesy and over the top LGBTQ festival, hence the lineup. I went last year and it was a lot of fun.


Yeah this, its a lot of fun. It clashes with Field Day this year, annoyingly.


That looks loads of fun.


Saw the poster for that just yesterday and quite fancy it :thinking:


It does seem like a trashy good time tbf


Old Dirty Brasstards is a brilliant name :smiley:




Couple of my mates are Buttmitzvah regulars, it sounds amazing. They make these baffling trailer videos for the parties, I remember seeing one with a drag Jewish bride-to-be trying to choose her dress and having a tantrum.


Mighty Hoopla is great aye. They have gone slightly too vanilla with some of the bigger names though (imagine seeing All Saints, Liberty X, Kate Nash, Samantha Mumba, Jamelia and a Fearne Cotton DJ set in the same weekend)

Still, Chaka Khan, Bananarama and probably about 90% of the stuff in smaller font is a guaranteed good time




Just looks like someone added all of the other line-ups together tbh tbf…


Calling this ‘terrible’ is a bit of an embarrassing hot take


if you think my post is embarrassing have a read back through the other 274 posts.


Is there a festival Idles aren’t playing? I thought they were everywhere last year, but this year is mental.


JFC, The Killers are still considered Glasto headliner material?



They sell more records in The UK than in their home country :neutral_face:

Headlined the Saturday night of Latitude last year. I sought alternative entertainment options…


They sold out Hyde Park last year about 3/4 months in advance. Still crazy massive for some bizarre reason.


There is some really good stuff here!

I have never got Kylie though. Of all the big female pop artists I just have never got her. Only song I really like is Slow. Just find all her stuff so boring.