Terrible festivals - 2019 edition

I’d happily go to this if a Dice style cheap ticket was doing the rounds…
Swervedriver are favourites. Very much like Steve Mason (bit incongruous on this line-up?!) and the popguns.
Bob Mould has some good solo material and hopefully the odd Sugar number
DJ set from Steve Lamacq should be good value.
PWEI for nostalgia sing along.
I’d check out Jasmine Minks and Woodentops.
Also I confess to not minding the Lightning Seeds - a few minor pop gems.
Inner City for a couple of their hits.

My band played Beautiful Days last year and I really enjoyed it but the local scrumpy they sell there is lethal.


Sultans of Ping are fucking great live too. Really underrated band.


All the other fish don’t understand
That the sultans of ping are my favourite band


Actually one of the first gigs I ever went to - The Windsor Old Trout…though I only remember indie-club classic Where’s my jumper…also remember he did erm do a bit of a flashing that I could have done without…but maybe worth a revisit!

We found this this morning going for a walk.
We kept going.


There’s a festival in the park where I live* going on this weekend.

Last night the 8pm act was a ‘rock classics’ cover band. It was the most Italian thing ever - they played for 2 hours non-stop doing a minute maximum of each song, generally a single verse and chorus but sometimes just skipping to the chorus. Like a 2 hour long live megamix. All the songs were English language so where they hadn’t learnt the words they’d mumble general noise of what the words sound like. Pretty great fun tbh. After that was a sort of terrible generic edm thing, nowhere near as fun.

*My flat is located in a park i don’t sleep on a bench or anything, although it’s only a matter of time tbh.


Gentleman’s Dub Club are one of the best live acts in the country
Goldie I’d definitely check out
DJ Yoda would be really fun

quite funny that those three are the same line, then above them are two guitar bands I’d not have any interest in at all, and below hem are a load of bands I’ve not heard of

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Definitely Oasis

what a great tribute band name that is :smile:

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Yeah, have seen all three, would happily see all three again.

Will Young + All Saints on Friday then Toploader + Dick & Dom on Saturday is better than most festivals have got this summer tbh.


Feel like we were spoiled with last years double toploader lineups


#SexyJesus has done me :smiley:

Just reading Simon Reynolds’ excellent Retromania (from 2011!) and he suggests the oversaturation of the festival market is a natural, living-in-the-now, when it’s gone it’s gone experience, reaction to streaming and in effect, smartphone culture. None of this explains how, and why Wet Wet Wet and Roachford apparently have so many fans in 2019. Who are these people?


Tony Hadley and Kiefer Sutherland

Quick update as I know you’ve all been excited about the other acts. On Sunday Supersonic Band were the same as Ostetrika Gamberini only instead of doing classic rock covers they did 80s power pop/rock. Eddy DJ brought down the house (park) with the grand finale of Bohemian Rhapsody. Top DJ is Eddy.

Food trucks were ace and being in the park meant you could play frisbee or go on the swings and generally ignore the awful music, so it was great really.

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That’s an interesting take.

I agree with much of it, but I’d always thought that the rise of festivals was partly due to the ubiquity of social media and smart phones, of people looking for an experience that’s easy to turn into cultural capital online. Like the rise of escape rooms, restaurant tourism, etc.

I guess it depends on the festival, but I wonder how many festival goers also go to a few gigs every year? There definitely seems to be a type that are all “check me and out chill”, for whom the music is secondary. I mean, Helsinki’s main festival – Flow (https://www.flowfestival.com) – is advertising itself this year by saying “Come and see where everyone else is”. Fucking ugh.

Festivals seem to be a very cyclical industry - there was a big boom and bust in the mid/late 00s as well. You had all the big ones then, but also ATP running four times a year, loads of small ones popping up in towns around London. That one ended after 2008 when young people bore the brunt of the recession.

Christ almighty.