Terrible festivals - 2019 edition


How a festival headlined by Ugly Kid Joe and Mushroomhead in 2019 can fail is beyond me, but there it is.


I didn’t realize this was happening.

it’s not actually happening Link

This has been my absolute favourite story of the summer so many questions.

How did they get some of those artists to agree to a festival without a permit?
Why was the festival announced without permits?
Is this an insurance scam?
That’s just the start.


It’s always good when a main investor pulls out and tells media that the event is cancelled, huh?

It’s sort of incredible, they’re still not actually selling tickets for it?!? If it’s a scam, it’s either really badly thought through or some kind of work of absolute genius.


Maybe it’s an art piece.

I wonder if any of the artists has recieved any payment. I seem to have a vauge recollection from the Fyre docs that artists are paid some money prior to performing (I might have made this up but, I’m sure that was one of the many reasons Blink 182 pulled out)

Yeah, there’s usually a deposit to confirm the booking.

I dunno how it works over here but in the UK ticket sales are held by the retailer until after the event, which makes getting refunds for cancelled events simple but does mean mean promoters need to forward-fund events. So even if tickets were on-sale it’s likely those are all coming out of whatever funding the business has.

The organisers of Woodstock 50 have hit a wall

“We are confident that this careful planning and consideration of community concerns will result in a safe, world-class Festival.’’

Clues? This could be the great man’s finest hour…



I’m gonna getin forfree!

I’m gonna getin forfree!

Top loader above e17? That’s insane


Fucking hell, that poster. It looks like it’s advertising a church fete.


Absoloutely mental that they’re allowed to still use the E17 name when Terry (bloody Terry!) is the only orignal member.

Even the dog looks bemused


it’s eaten too many baked potatoes


Not sure if terrible or a great cult festival but I bet the Brett Anderson of 1994 never thought this was what his life would be like in 25 years’ time.