Terrible festivals - 2019 edition

Happy Mondays have been a panto act for a fair few years now haven’t they. Really weird to think how dangerous they were initially considered.

Suede is baffling, they could play decent slots at major festivals couldn’t they?


They’re doing a ‘Worldwide Tour of Wales’ so I’d read it as tongue in cheek

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Yeah, the Mondays have really trashed their legacy by doing these types of festivals for a long time now with various cobbled-together line-ups. It is a shame as from 1988-1991 they were a brilliant band (‘Bummed’ & ‘Pills & Thrills…’ still sound great).


Shaun Ryder in the 2010s has become a bit like Ozzy Osbourne in the 2000s - once debauched, decadent parent frightening rock stars now loved by parents since they became quirky, cuddly reality TV mainstays.


Miles Kane…
Goldie Lookin Chain “legends” set…

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To be fair, the live show is currently pretty great with all the most important members in place.

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Milesie Lookin Kane “legends” set…

“Just because secondary festivals aren’t mounted for the people with clashfinder spreadsheets and an encyclopedic knowledge of Warp Records B-sides doesn’t mean they aren’t carefully configured.”

Hmmm what kind of people could he be referring to?


Actually a really interesting article. Do the majority of these “secondary” festivals do well, though? There’s so many posted in this thread with such a similar crossover that I can’t fathom that there’d be enough people, even regionally, to keep them going.

But they target pretty much every age bracket possible - teenagers on school holidays, 20-somethings wanting to drink gin outside, young families needing to get the kids out of the house, people in their 40s and 50s who were fans of the bands in their 80s/90s heyday. There must be enough people in those groups in any UK county to make it worthwhile holding a festival. I know people who are largely ambivalent about music who always go to your Bingley Music Lives and Nottingham Splendours etc.

Just another thing to do on the weekend so you’re not stuck inside isn’t it.

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don’t think the happy Mondays finances are in quite as good a shape as Ozzys though…

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Who ARE these people?!

The Coral seem to do any festival, gig or private party.


I assume most of the line-up’s ordering is based on who has the best logos to feature in the top half.


Not sure the Mondays have been doing that. I feel like they’ve got a bit older so less into being crazy pricks maybe and also you have the twin effect of society tending to get less up-tight about stuff (just like how there are films that end up rated down when resubmitted after 20 years) and also the fact we are all older and we aren’t as impressed by people being crazy as we were aged 14 or whatever.

And I generally have got the sense that Shaun Ryder and Bez just live their lives and do exactly what they’ve always done - a job’s a job, just play music, whatever? Not sure they have a legacy in their minds that can be affected by playing small/weird festivals.


any festival that has a band called the something big band playing is shit.

Wasn’t Blue Jam a brilliant Chris Morris radio show?

And a Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds tribute act? Jesus, pass me the tranquillizers…


I went to Solfest in 2008. Was actually ok, nice site near the coast, nice “vibe” (whatever that means), alright line up.

This one, though, I’ll avoid like the plague. Just for “Disco of Guilty Pleasures.” Can you imagine the pop-hating indiesplainery there, chock full of songs which aren’t even remotely “guilty” unless you’ve only read two books in your life: Mojo and Uncut magazines?

15th anniversary. Must be doing something right