Terrible festivals - 2019 edition


Thought Soul II Soul were better than this.


So Brexit.


“Karaoke freak show!”


“Curated by Jo Whiley”. Shudder.


when someone clarifies that their DJ set is a ‘party’ DJ set you know you’re in for a wild ride.


curiousity got the better of me and oh my fucking god


Really? What part of the last 30 years of their career have you not been paying attention to?


That DMA’s band are comically shit



End of the road


Are Two Door Cinema Club a Sheffield band? No way they’re bigger than the Manics or Rag n Bone man, is there?


I would like to clarify that I couldn’t care less how many doors their cinema club has.


Nope, they’re from Bangor in Norn’ Iron!

But I think they have a huge following of under-25s who got into them because they were pushed so hard on the last decade of R1’s indie shows.

Weird how I Can Talk seems as familiar as Mr Brightside or Take Me Out but didn’t even make the top 100 back when even Scouting for I don’t want to live on this shittwatarsebastarding planet any more Girls got to number 1.


I would be interested to see how Babybird approach these festival slots. Do they just play ‘You’re Gorgeous’, ‘Goodnight’ & ‘Cornershop’ and bugger off or does Stephen Jones abuse the audience then play ‘Bad Old Man’ to total silence?


Quite sad to see how Tramlines has turned out. Even when it stopped being free, it still had a really interesting line-up. It seems moving it out of venues across the city and into one big area has changed it entirely unsurprisingly.


Is this ironic? The lineup looks like a DiSer’s dream!




I suppose it lacks a box-office headliner.


Bands you were amazed to discover were still a thing #534: The Rifles