Terrible festivals - 2019 edition


Would watch Arnocorps.


And presumably Mortishead are a troll core tribute band to Bristol’s finest?




(I’m slightly obsessed with Amplified Festival. Let me know if you would like links to the “documentary”)


Bloody good rep.


The Bluetobes were never boring and still aren’t boring, and I still love them. Saw them recently and thought they were ace.

Admittedly if you were expecting the Bluetones but got a Mark Morris solo set you might be underwhelmed a bit, I guess…


lol is this real?


Are these real bands or was this drawn up in the Sugar Ape office?


I thought it was at first, but theres no way that Holy Goof and Lil Baby are real


‘Honey Dijon’… ‘Not3s’… ‘TBC’ lol


When you don’t recognize any of the bands on a festival line up it doesn’t mean the line ups shit, it means you’re out of touch with what the kids are listening to these days.
I bet there were 50 year olds moaning about the 90’s R&L line ups too.


Yeah I was going to say I have no idea if this is terrible or not. Headliners look about what I’d expect for Reading I think. I went to Reading when I was 17 and a big part of the experience was just going between the stages/tents and checking things out. Not sure it matters too much if not all the bands are amazing.

I was going to then insult Tramlines and the britpop ones but I guess a lot of people my age will enjoy them so fair enough I guess.


Bands on that lineup that I know for sure are shite:
21 pilots
the wombats
you me at 6
twin atlantic
post malone
a day to remember
the story so far
bowling for soup

pipe down

edit: that came across a bit harsh, should have added a safetywink


I’m not normally one for wanting the ‘good old days’ back but I do wish festivals were how they used to be before every fucker puts one on. So many bland line-ups. You get a handful of good bands in the most average shit that only people that listen to the radio like.


This is an improvement on last years Reading imo with Anderson Paak, The Distillers and house band, the Foo’s.


Enjoy TBC at Reading, pricks


No less than FOUR Enter Shikari sets though


My little sister is VERY excited about this so I’m happy.


I’ve not knowingly heard a track by any of those artists on the Saturday line-up.

Where do I swipe my indie points card?


No problem with Flotsam and Jetsam. Struggling with all the fonts, though.