Terrible festivals - 2019 edition


Lil Baby is huge. A lot bigger globally than The Wombats. Imagine bumping into the bassist from the Wombats and being like ‘how’s it going’ and they’re like ‘oh you know main stage R&L third from the top’

Just want to know who got away with getting paid to design that poster


Oooh, Ugly Kid Joe sre back in the country.



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I am likely the only person on this board that thinks they’re really good


Lil Baby and Not3s are quite big draws and I think R&L has a bit of a weird crossover phase in effect… they’ve nicked a lot of artists that would be huge draws at places like Wireless.

Post Malone, Lil Uzi Vert, AJ Tracey, Anderson .paak, Mura Masa, Lil Baby, Gunna, Fredo, Stefflon Don, Slowthai, Gunna, D-Block Europe, Headie One, Octavian, Not3s…

A separate slightly smaller festival would sell out based on that line-up alone. There’s just a very weird overlap because practically nobody who likes any of these artists will want to see Bowling for Soup or The Wombats or even one set from the Shikari boys and obviously the same applies in reverse

But yet they’re also miles away from the kind of eclecticism and diversity that festivals like Glastonbury achieve so it’s just a bit of an odd hotpot. Even Coachella seems more balanced than R&L. And by more balanced I mean they don’t put the Wombats on the mainstage in 2019


I don’t have a problem with the line-up in itself but the festival is going to same way as Wireless a few years ago in terms of all over the place booking across three days. I’d go just for Anderson Paak alone but if you swap a few acts around, you could have a really good pop/R&B/hip-hop main stage line-up compared to what they have on the Saturday at Reading.

Also aren’t Bastille and Chvrches huge? It seems weird that they’re only headlining and subbing the second stage.


I’ll be 34 by August and possibly going to that with a friend of 36!!


I think it looks OK. Love or hate 'em the 1975 should go down a storm. Main issue for Leeds in recent years has been Download and its cousins creaming off their heavier bands.


I know, I shouldn’t be so negative. It’s just not for me, that’s all


Primal Scream? Underworld?


Are they the headliners? No

Theyee top of their stages but i mean tbe big 3


But using the French flag as a distress call/Batsignal


Depends on the definition I guess - Underworld playing closing set, scream headlining second stage.

Anyhoo - otherwise total shite.


I can definitely see why people wouldn’t like them mind, they’re in the same vain as bands like the Courteeners with d*ckhead fans, I’m off to see them in a few months and not looking forward to the crowd. I’ve got a soft spot for bands like James and the Roses though and a lot of DMA’S stuff from their new album sounds a lot like that :grin: But again, it’s a marmite genre


I love The Stones Roses but I’m not into DMAs at all, they seem tailor made for people who missed out on britpop (whatever that was) and musically they’re probably closer to Puressence than anything (except nowhere near as good). Saying that they’re massive in Scotland so what do I know.


That’s a fairly accurate description of me to be fair hahaha - I’ve never listened to Puressence (but will do). I read a review of the newest DMA’S record that said some of the worst cuts sound like Travis or Embrace which admiteddly isn’t entirely inaccurate… I think they’re at their best when they wear their influences on their sleeve, whether or not that’s a good thing!

One thing I don’t get though is Gerry Cinnamon What’s Scotland’s obsession with him all about?Find this pretty unlistenable but the crowd are singing it word for word

**sorry I realise I’m derailing this thread somewhat!


I don’t really know but yeah he’s massive too, without meaning to be snobbish about it I guess it’s just easy direct music for people to get into/relate to.


The fading in and out on this video is terrible


In fact I remember now he used to be in a local electro pop band The Cinnamons (hence the surname) who were not bad but it was pretty different to what he does now, this is the only video I could find of them


I’ve not knowingly heard a track by most on the whole weekend.


There is a guy in my office who sings this song ALL THE TIME. The popularity of Gerry Cinnamon is a complete mystery to me.