Terrible festivals - 2019 edition




Soundtrack of the summer.


Maybe not terrible, but certainly not very good. Idles spreading themselves a bit thin aren’t they


Idles brand is red hot right now, may as well make the most of it


Yeah fair play to them - I love 'em but it just means it’s another opportunity to see them I’ll miss as the rest of the bill is such dross


I’d watch Idles, Echo & The Bunnymen and Chic (while drunk) of that list.


Eh, not really got much of a theme to it but it’s hardly terrible. Just uninspiring. Sort of thing you’d go to in your own city


is everyone still getting upset about festival line ups they don’t like then ?


Kate Nash’s last album was pretty bloody great.

Apparently Lewis Capaldi is related to Peter but I very much doubt his music is infused with the biting iconoclastic wit of Malcolm Tucker.


It’s what I want to see.


No bother.
I’m not being “bit-tah!” :wink:


Reckon also they want to broaden their audiences and win over crowds who wouldn’t normally go to see them, which is probably why they’re not just doing yer indie fests.


Cant be many bands who have played Green Man and Download.




god, remember when tramlines was really, actually, properly good?


which day are (is? im old) post malone playing on


There was always a mix of bollocks and some acts you’d actually make a bit of an effort to go and see if you were free, it’s just been scaled up and a bit diluted in quality overall.

The difference now is that rather than it being free/nominal charge and in the city centre, it’s over £60 and all the way out in Hillsborough. Haven’t been for a few years, but hopefully it’s not lost the free fringe and nightlife components.


I would watch the shit out of a James festival headline set. Wall to wall bangers.




think there’s still a bit of fringe stuff, last year there was a holy roar curated day at city hall, but it’s not promoted by the festival itself any more. total shit