Terrible festivals - 2019 edition


What a tune this is


Oh yeah I must say that I bloody love James - remind me a lot of being a kid and hearing my brother playing them loudly from his bedroom. GBOL


Yeah the best of came out during and soundtracked a very formative year of my life so I’ll always have a lot of love for them. Definitely the outlier on that lineup imo


Aye, when I got to see 65Daysofstatic, Rolo Tomassi and Future of the Left for free. I got really sun burnt then got the burn kicked in a mosh pit. Precious memories


Three really good bands, a couple that I’d look at but probably wouldn’t love (Nash, Go! and Joy Formidable), and a bunch I don’t know. Doesn’t make for a terrible festival…




Would go to the Friday.


Don’t think I’d even heard of Two Door Cinema Club before this thread


You have been blessed before now.


I just listened to their two top songs on Spotify and they were both on the playlist when I worked at TGI Fridays so my earlier post was a massive lie

It’s inoffensive I suppose

Edit: wait the top THREE songs


Maybe to you :wink::smile:


A festival exclusively for people who think that living in Southsea is a personality to Instagram themselves at.

Had the WORST time watching the Flaming Lips there a few years ago.


Ash below Starsailor is weird and kinda bleak


or Ash below one bloke out of …BASEMENT JAXX DJing :man_facepalming:


Feel like Vaccines playing third is a bit of a comedown for them, too. Weren’t they headlining the O2 only a few years ago?


They did when they were getting played on Radio 1 all the time yeah. They’re definitely at a ‘still weirdly popular with young people despite not really doing much of note’ level like The Wombats/Two Door Cinema Club and will probably stay that way.


Why so bad? I live fairly near and was tempted to go and see F Lips.


That lineup’s fine. Not brilliant or anything, but perfectly serviceable for what these sort of things are.


I’m disappointed at the lack of properly terrible festivals this year so far. Had some absolute stinkers last summer.


Reckon the fact that so many went under/lost money over the last couple of years means you’re getting less of the ‘throw darts at a list of bands’ line ups.

Like there are loads that I wouldn’t go to but most of them are semi-coherent and have some thought put into them (other than tramlines which is a complete mess as per)