Terrible festivals - 2019 edition


Forgot about The Twang.


Alright, the twang ft. Eminem


I was at the Flaming Lips day. Most of the rest of the bill was average to dire (think I remember Peter Hook and Prinal Scream?) and it properly pissed down all day. The Lips were great though


I actually like Dodgy (who unlike many bands of that era have done the courtesy of still making new records) and The Bluetones, but the idea of going to a Britpop festival sounds utterly horrendous. I imagine them to be full of boorish idiots in Oasis shirts telling everyone that no good music has been made since the 90s, while belching Wonderwall into your face.


I’ve been to a couple because I blagged free tickets and they’re not that terrible. Mostly nostalgic fourtysomethings drinking and having a fun time. Fans of bands like Sleeper/The Bluetones/Dodgy/Space/whatever never really crossed over with laddy Oasis fans in a huge way.

It’s all cyclical anyway – sooner or later there’ll be early 2000s package gigs and we’ll all feel even fucking older.


I think that’s already starting to happen with this festival

Also The Bluetones were great, I heard Solomon Bites The Worm again recently and was shocked by how good their rhythm section is.


The Faint!


Or the Strokes day at APE!

(I am going and feel old).


Utterly ridiculous band, I loved them.


Omg please link me to this! I worked at the first one and it was biblical levels of terrible.
(Sorry for lurking on the music board this isn’t my turf haha)


Just every cliche about dorky metal fans is on display here;


Amazing! Thank you :slight_smile: didn’t even realise this existed.
Think I worked the 2017 one? But yeah. Horrible. Not any one person’s fault but Jesus Christ


Should say I don’t want to have a pop at any fans of a certain genre of music cause whatever floats your boat- loads of people would think my taste in music is terrible cause I mainly listen to noughties pop. Plus all the attendees I dealt with were absolutely lovely. Just the festival itself was a nightmare. Mine and my friend’s tent actually slid down a hill cause of the rain (obvs no one can control the weather but that was the tip of the iceberg. We both cried at numerous points hahaha)


That Bristol lot at 15mins are the worst band ive ever heard. The bass and drums sound like Fisher Price toys


can’t believe their flash game is still being hosted, amazing stuff


Please submit a full report on the horrors you witnessed.

Particularly about Puddle of Mudd


Neon Indian and Washed Out - you’re just a Toro y Moi away from chillwave bingo.

(Still love that first Washed Out record)

Also Passion Pit!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:


Apparently they released an album in 2014? Thought they broke up last decade tbh


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


They seem to have the least developed sense of humour ever too. Like worse than Mogwai.