Terrible festivals - 2019 edition


Fuck the C***’ lolz


The dancey stuff would be very fun.



Try finding meaningful footage of a crowd. Still reckon less than 300 in.


We’re going to make it 302 this year, though, yeah?


Didn’t see one of those disappointing ‘Winter Wonderland’ things at Christmas - I suppose this is what we get instead these days, isn’t it?


“Hi, we are from a new online community called RAAAH! and would love to review your amazing looking festival”

Would surely get us in?


Absolute dogshit :joy:


Pretty sure Catfist and The Cooks have been on everyone of this festival’s line ups.


Scotland’s shame. Fucking atrocious. Not one single redeemable thing about it.


I think even their target audience are raging at how pish it is. The comments…


A collection of all the worst bands on the circuit. Remarkable.



This festival is the perfect soundtrack to Brexit Britain.


Wouldn’t say he redeems the rest of this but I like Steve Mason. Fontaines DC may not be worth all the hype but I quite like what I hear - would be worth watching. I’d see Ashcroft in the vain hope of an early Verve number. Finally Stormzy is a reasonable headliner.

Not redemption then but minor mitigation.

Having said all that, to spend the whole weekend there I’d be wanting payment of a grand.


The ongoing popularity of Catfish and the Bottlemen continues to mindfuck me on a daily basis.


the Friday lineup is pretty banging tbh but no-one who goes for that and gets a weekend ticket is going to enjoy what follows


Sigrid is good too but yeeeesh


The outpouring of rage about TRNSMT has surprised even me, when you compare it to last year’s line up it does seem like a bit of a pisstake. Bleakly, someone on Twitter points out that all 3 of the headliners played on the same day in 2017.

Also, that’s a shockingly shit poster.


Think we have a winner. Not one band I’d want to see.