Terrible Film Casting Choices (real/ imagined)

Inspired by a conversation Wor Lass and I had about Kevin Hart playing Malcom X in a reboot of Spike Lee’s biopic, and the idea I just had there about Tom Cruise being cast as Wolverine (thanks for the height info @avocado).


I would fucking love to see Tom Cruise as Wolverine tbf


Jesse Eisenberg as Queen Victoria. (imagined)


Queen Elizabeth II as Jason Bourne (imagined)

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Scarlett Johansson, asian queen

Brendan from Coach Trip as Dutch from Predator (imagined).

Madonna as Batman (imagined)

Robert Downey Jr as a black US soldier (imagined)

Ricky Gervais



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dame judy dench as chev chelios


Patrick Stewart in Green Room

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Brian Blessed as Freddy Krueger

I haven’t seen the movie, but someone seemed to think it would be good idea to cast Tom Hiddleston as Hank Williams based on a vague physical resemblance alone.

Malcolm X as Kevin Hart (imagined)


now there’s a proper film that doesn’t exist

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Grease (remake) starring Daniel Day Lewis as Danny and Kerry Katona as Sandy.

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Helen Mirren as Evel Knievel

Imagine DDL having to spend a year and a half inhabiting the character of Danny; ringing up Travolta for advice on motivation; inevitably winning and Oscar for his nuanced portrayal of youth redeemed through romance and song.

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John Major biopic starring the Rock

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