Terrible film trailers

State of this:

Accents very jarring on the ear. Post terrible trailers for good films if you like, doesn’t have to be a particularly negative thread.


I seem to remember the trailer for ‘Drive’ was awful in that it didn’t represent the type of film it was at all. It seemed to suggest it was ‘The Fast & The Furious’-type film. Also, the trailer for ‘Young Adult’ completely mis-represented the film as well.


This infamous trailer for Mike Leigh’s Naked makes it look like a quirky British comedy rather than the bleak existential crisis that it is

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even I wouldn’t attempt a Scottish accent and I’m Scottish!! They’re so hard to get right.

I quite like how they’ve gone full on caked on white make up for Robbie tho, I’m presuming that’s what it would have potentially really been like? It’s grim

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Keep seeing this at the cinema, out next month

Simon from The Inbetweeners plays Simon from The Inbetweeners, Claudia O’Doherty is just there, loads of other famous people pop up in roles they’ll almost certainly regret in retrospect.


Oh yeah make up and hair looks great and it’s yer fellas from that Churchill film innit so I’m sure it’ll get lots of Oscar noms.

Simon from The Inbetweeners is a 34 year old male man.

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Ooooohhhhhh gooooddd this looks so horrendous.

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Hmmmm ya think?

The trailer for High Fidelity is an absolute embarrassment.

I guarantee it.

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Looks quite funny to me.

Also the trailer in the op is editing really badly, we’re lucky ezzer isn’t around any more to see this kind of shite. Have a listen to yer boi at 50 seconds.

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Reminds you of your wilder younger years?

just looks like it’s probably funny.

My tv’s mum went to see a film, she was told it was by the guy who did four weddings and a funeral but they’d got mixed up and it was actually a mike Leigh film :grimacing:

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A mate reminded me of just how bad the Phantom Menace trailer was the other day. Just an absolute rotter. Can’t believe it’s less than 20 years old. Feel like the ‘art’ of trailers/marketing has moved a long way in that time.

Does look like how I was at festivals tbf

The OP looks like no match for Reign