Terrible outside eating areas (Rolling)

Ever go by restaurants, cafes, bars and think “why the hell would anyone eat or drink outside there?” or “How bad can inside be?!”
Yes!?! Well THIS is the thread for you!!
Exhibit A. Harvester. Outside eating area behind the delightful white fence.

Pretty sure I have a thread winner, but currently no pic…


Ah, the Cooper Dean roundabout!

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Not shown here but this place on the corner of Holloway Road and Liverpool Road has an outside eating section usually which must be horrendous, placement of the zebra crossings means there is always a huge build up of traffic outside there on what is already a busy pollutiony road:

On the face of it, this is a nice spot, and I have been to this pub numerous times and enjoyed sitting out in the sun with a pint, next to the river.

However, if the wind direction changes, the smell from the sewage treatment works barely fifty yards away is HORRENDOUS.


Literally anywhere on a pavement next to a busy road in the UK.

Also anywhere in Soho between the times of 12.30-1.30 and 5-7.

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well…I think some places in London and “cool” cities, when you’re out on a busy pavement having a beer etc it’s not always bad, like “hey, man, I’m out in that cosmopolitan, cool London where busy is cool…man”
On a roundabout in bournemouth, at a harvester, not so much

i live right next to here!

never managed to eat from the burger shack yet

but yeah, anywhere in london that’s near a road (basically everywhere)

hot take incoming: i think eating outside is a bit shit tbh


There’s worse places to eat in London than by a road. At Canary Wharf people leave their offices en masse at lunch time, shuffle out of their basements directly into an underground shopping centre and sit on the shopping centre benches eating their sandwiches whilst staring at their phones and being trampled by shoppers. Looks like top fun.


Nah, I love sitting outside to eat in a garden on a warm day.

Agreed that there are some properly grim al fresco areas by pubs that are on major roundabouts now though. The North Circular has some lovely spots…

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Sarnies on a hill somewhere in the Pennines is as good as eating gets.

Eating outside in British cities though, that’s the chumpiest of behaviours